July 2003

Michele Galante, M.D.
31 Cragmere Road
Suffern, NY 10901

Dear Dr. Galante:

I am writing this note to say ‘thank you’ for the wonderful care that you have shown me.  For many years, as a busy executive, I had always been clear about the time, effort and dedication it took to make a business run.  Unfortunately, in the process, I lost sight of managing the business of my personal health.  For more years than I care to remember, I neglected my health, placing the needs of my family, business and the ‘stuff of life’ over my own.  I discovered homeopathy by chance [divine intervention seems more like it] and with it I have found a remarkable road to good health. 

I initially came to you to find relief from a head injury that left me with frequent headaches and dizziness.  I was told to take pain relievers for the symptoms and that the symptoms could take up to a year to resolve.  You worked with me and the symptoms disappeared in days, not months.  You spoke of ‘cures’ to health conditions not simply alleviating symptoms.  I was skeptical at first, having been raised with a background of very traditional medicine.  When feeling ill, doctors prescribed medicine to ease my symptoms.  If another symptom cropped up, another medicine was prescribed.  That was the routine.

You took the time to understand who I am as an individual and to trace the origins of my health complaints back to their source.  You insisted that the control of my health must be in my hands.  You encouraged me to learn about homeopathy rather than simply experience it as a patient.  You taught me that ‘like cures like’ and demonstrated cures through remedies tailored to my needs.  And it works!

Shortly after I first saw you, I presented you with more serious concerns revealed through routine physical exams followed by more tests.  While I was new to homeopathy, I was open to alternatives and I already had a positive experience.  You worked with me with a commitment to improve my health and a dedication to find the right solution for me beyond anything I could have expected.  You spent countless hours searching for the best remedies for me and even more hours insuring that I was responding to them.  You listened to me and respected my opinions.  You said that it was ‘your job’, but it clearly represents the compassion and skill of a professional who is dedicated to the care and healing of people. 

After a few short months, I am not only free of the original symptoms I presented to you, I am clear of the ‘serious concerns’ and in the process I am so much healthier.  I have lost the weight I’ve been trying to lose for 20 years and have discovered a better way -- a common-sense approach to a healthy lifestyle.  I can’t imagine going through the health challenges I’ve faced over the past few months without homeopathy.  Health concerns are unsettling and traditional approaches can be intimidating.  Looking back, your care and guidance made my experiences remarkably uneventful.

I cannot thank you enough for your dedication, patience and know-how that has led me to find a quality of health that I thought was unattainable.  From the moment I made my decision to pursue homeopathy, I realized that it was the best decision that I could have made.  Your work is remarkable and the dedication you and Penny have to health care is unparalleled.  You changed my life and I am forever grateful.

With sincere thanks,

Laura H.