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Jennifer W. March 2002
Married Mother of 3    
      Homeopathy is one of the best things to happen to my family and me.  I really can’t say enough about how great homeopathy is…..

      My whole family life is much more harmonious because we have been treated by Dr Michele Galante with Homeopathy.  Dr. Galante has not only knowledge because of practicing homeopathy for many years but also the wisdom so necessary to be an effective physician.  He is very dedicated to his patients and his heart and soul are truly in his work.  Dr. Galante also suggested biofeedback to treat my headaches.  I had suffered from migraine headaches since childhood.  Now since doing biofeedback I no longer suffer the pain of migraines anymore...

      I really hope more people will discover homeopathy this safe, natural and most importantly effective form of medicine to experience true and lasting healing.

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Janet Bothe Kissack   July 27, 2001
      Looking back a few years ago I was in pretty bad shape with extreme headaches, neck pain, body aches, allergies, and fatigue.  I spent most of the day lying down, as I was so weak.  I was in constant pain.  I was unable to work.  I suffered in body, mind and spirit....

      Today I consider myself in pretty good health.  I enjoy playing volleyball a couple of times a week.  I work full time.  I see Dr. Michele Galante much less frequently now, but I know I can still lean on him in times of need.
I thank you, Dr. Galante.  I am so grateful for your patience, your kindness and your healing.  I also thank Penny Galante for her caring support.

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Madeleline Skelly-McWilliams

To a Special Doctor

As I walked up to receive my degree…
I thought back to those who helped me see,
I had the mental and physical strength to complete…
the goals I thought I could never meet.
One special doctor stands out from the crowd…
he stood before me and I remembered he vowed,
that he would make me strong and well…
to pursue my dreams that only time would tell.
Biofeedback and remedies too…
I could not have done it without you,
with letters of support regarding time off…
you even cured that allergic cough.
Through all your support and by keeping me well…
I achieved my goals and boy do I feel swell!
How do I thank someone who has helped in so many ways…
I have thought and thought for many days.
So here it is for you went far beyond…
and created a very special bond.

Madeline Skelley-McWilliams

Thank You

Email Deborah A. McFadden   October 17, 2000

Dear Dr. Galante:

      Little did I know when I first came to your office for help in 1984, that I would be beginning one of the most important relationships in my life.  You have been my Doctor all these many years and the benefits from your care are enormous and defy description……

      You have always made yourself available to our family and gone to extraordinary lengths as a medical provider to serve the needs of our family.  We will always be grateful for all you have done for us.

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Valerie L.:    
Dr Michele Galante has exhibited the deepest care and concern for my health and well-being.

     I began seeing him as my primary care physician 5 years ago.  I suffered from extreme migraine headaches, which are gone now. Not only am I healthier than I have ever been in my life, but my son, husband and mother have improved and done well also. Dr. Galante actually saved my mother from the pain and cost of surgery, by curing her intestinal bleeding.  My husband was having hypoglycemic attacks so severe he had to pull over when driving. He has never had a single incident again. My son went from failing in college to an honor roll student. My family has flourished under Dr. Galante’s care.

Valerie L.

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