A valuable food. Lightly fermented, it is full of enzymes, B vitamins, and amino acids.  It is a pre-digested protein, so it is easily assimilated into the system.  It contains lactic acid, which fights harmful bacteria.  It is a natural acidophilus, which helps the friendly flora in the intestines. It is a versatile food.  It can be eaten straight, into a seed sauce, or used in many recipes.

EQUIPMENT   Two one quart jars, a strainer, blender, stainless steel or glass bowl, a cloth or towel, a rubber band, a large serving spoon and a seed bag. If you do  not have a seed bag, use a tea towel.  People have been known to use nylons or panty hose in a pinch.

                                         2/3 Cup hulled sunflower seeds

                                        1/3 Cup unhulled sesame seeds

                                        3 Cups rejuvelac (see rejuvelac)

     Soak sunflower seeds and sesame seeds separately overnight in purified water.  In the morning, rinse sunflower seeds in very warm water to remove skins.  Rinse sesame seeds.  Put seeds in blender.  Add three cups of rejuvelac and blend for three minutes.  Pour mixture into bowl.  Cover the bowl with a cloth.  Secure with rubber bands.  Place in a warm place with good air circulation. Let stand for 6-8 hours.  Remove cloth.  Scrape off top, oxidized, layer and discard.  Spoon middle (almost cheese) layer into a seed bag.  Water plants with liquid layer.  Hang the "almost cheese" in fridge overnight, with a bowl under it to catch liquid.  In the morning you will have seed cheese. 

SOAK SEEDS IN PURIFIED WATER- Whenever you soak seeds, do so in purified water.  You may use spring or distilled water, but purified is excellent.

USE HULLED SUNFLOWER AND UNHULLED SESAME SEEDS-Hulled seeds have the shells removed.  Unhulled seeds have the shells left on.  when you learn to grow the sunflower greens or buckwheat lettuce, you use unhulled seeds.  For seed cheese, use the hulled sunflower seeds.  The reason that you use unhulled sesame seeds is that once hulled, these tiny seeds go rancid quickly.

USE VERY WARM WATER FOR RINSING THE SUNFLOWER SEEDS-Using very warm water helps loosen the skins from the sunflower seeds, making it easier to remove them.

THE OXIDIZED LAYER-When you remove the cloth after fermenting the "almost cheese, " there should be a fairly dark layer on top.  This layer should be no more than a 1/16th or an 1/8th of an inch in thickness.  The difference in color between the oxidized layer and that of the "almost cheese" layer should be quite distinct.

MAKING SEED SAUCE-To make seed sauce, thin the seed cheese with a little rejuvelac to the consistency you desire.  Some people like a thin sauce; others prefer a thick one.  Use seed sauce as a dressing for sprouts, greens and vegetables.


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