Michele B. Galante, M.D. was born in Suffern, NY at 10:59 AM on October 22, 1948 into a second generation family from Italy.  The entire family seems to be in the medical profession so it was no surprise when he went into medicine. Of the numerous health care professionals and physicians, he is the only naturalist. Even as a child his interest was evident. Before and during medical school he studied and trained in a number of different methods including hands on healing.  After his residencies in Family Practice and Psychiatry, he continued his journey to find the most effective natural forms of healing. He now practices what he feels to be the most effective natural medicine, HOMEOPATHY combined with nutrition .

    In addition, many people respond to  EEG biofeedback, or brain wave biofeedback (Neurofeedback), to harness our brainpower. I have found that there is not much else needed besides a strong desire for wellness. Each persons journey, their destiny, is very different. "The doctor should respect the patients will to the utmost." We cannot force our patients to get well, at the pace we want. We must respect every soul's individual rhythm."

     "We have in us, with very few exceptions, the tools to get well. We have in Homeopathy, a individualized system of healing, one which requires a knowledge of the persons personality, their emotions, their peculiarities, their differences. These remarkable remedies have transformed my life and the lives of my loved ones. The depth of healing is difficult to fathom without firsthand experience, but as you read accounts of it's effectiveness you begin to get the sense that all these people can't be imagining all these things for all this time.  I, too was skeptical when I first began.  But after a while I stopped questioning and devoted my time to learning."   

     When growing up, he felt a very strong spiritual inclination. After seriously practicing meditation for over 20 years he eventually taught several eastern spiritual practices before returning to his Christian roots. (how to meditate) 

Homeopathic Training:

2 years at The Canadian Academy of Homeopathy with Andre`Saine, ND  

2 years at Hahnemann College of Homeopathy with Roger Morrison, MD  

Included in the many seminars are 3 seminars with George Vithoulkas.

A summer course for two weeks with the National center for Homeopathy.

Certified in Biofeedback therapy by EEG Spectrum 1990 for Neurofeedback (see Biofeedback)

Utilizing R.A.D.A.R. computerized Homeopathic software and

Encyclopedia Homeopathica since it's inception.

Professional Resume

1983-1984	Private Practice	Suffern, NY  
Natural Medical Modalities 
* Homeopathy and Electrodiagnosis (see other therapies)
* Clinical Ecology
* Nutrition
1984-1987	Nevada Clinic	Las Vegas, Nevada
Staff Physician
* Homeopathy and Electroacupuncture
* Clinical Ecology
* Nutrition
* Neural Therapy
1987-Present	Private Practice	Rockland County, New York
Private Practice
* Classical Homeopathy
* Brain Wave [EEG] Biofeedback.
* Nutrition
Downstate Medical School
Brooklyn, New York, received degree of Doctor of Medicine in 1981
Graduate Fifth Pathway program Downstate Medical Center 1980-1981 
University of the Northeast
Tampico, Mexico, received Medial Surgeon degree in 1980
University of California at Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz, California, graduated in 1975 with a BA in Biology
Post Graduate Professional 
Post Graduate year two in Psychiatry 
 Westchester County Medical Center Valhalla, NY 1982-1983
Internship in Family Practice
 JFK Medical Center Edison, NJ     1981-1982
ECFMG Examination: Passed 197
Offices Held           
Vice President of N Y State Homeopathic Medical Society 1997-2000
Professional Organizations
* American Institute of Homeopathy 
* National Center for Homeopathy
* Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback
Volunteer Experience      
                                     Director Zen Meditation Program in Sing Sing prison 1990-92                                 
                                     Youth Soccer Coach from 1992-2001
                                     Prodigy: Ask Dr Galante on the Homeopathic Bulletin board 1994-95
Extracurricular                Aikido, Soccer
Languages                     English, Spanish
Other:  "The Health Show"   in Las Vegas, Nevada, 1986-1987 One hour radio show weekly.
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