"In my 35 years journey to date, I have had the opportunity to observe and experience and practice many different types of therapies.  I feel it is important to give the benefit of my experience here."

Electro-diagnosis - I practiced this hybrid of Homeopathy and Electro-acupuncture for about 7 years. I have treated over 11,000 patient visits with long term follow ups.  I am sorry to say I cannot recommend this type of therapy. I know many people have fallen in love with the "machine" as it is referred to. 

This method usually uses a computerized ohm or resistance meter to measure the electrical potential at various acupuncture points.  The practitioner then tries to electrically match up the Homeopathic remedies and gives them to the patient. The claim to be able to diagnose potential illness, or to detect illnesses which patients have had in the past. 

This does not follow the experience of the Homeopaths for the past 200+ years. Dr. Reinhold Voll creator of EAV (electro-acupuncture according to Voll) said "we are not homeopaths" yet they continue to administer Homeopathic remedies in great numbers, some as high as 90+ remedies at a time. The use of many Homeopathic remedies at the same time is not going to bring about optimal results.  Many people are attracted to the magical qualities of the computerized Radionics devices such as the Interro, Accupath 1000, Dermatron, VegaTest, and many others. No matter what is said by the practitioner, there are 2 glaring deficiencies which can cause problems later, even though an immediate response may be positive. 1. It is suppressive (see Homeopathy) and 2. It is not reproducible.  

Dr. Peter Madill conducted a double blind study whereby patients with cancer were behind a curtain, and were tested by a number of practitioners.  These practitioners could not distinguish the sick from the well patients. The sick patients I believe had cancer, but I will check with Dr. Madill on that point.  But the main point is that they couldn't tell severely ill patients, and the testing had no statistical significance. 

That is to say, however talented the practitioner is, another practitioner cannot reproduce the testing.  That is why Dr. Madill gave up Electrodiagnosis as I did. This testing is really radionics, another whole discussion in itself.  Suffice it to say that Radionics, a form of divination or dowsing (kind of like a divining rod to find water) is not very widely accepted. (see dowsing)  Classical Homeopathy is so much more powerful, reproducible, truly curative and not harmful if practiced as the founder Samuel Hahnemann taught. After using these devices for over 11,000+ patient visits in the early 1980's, I cannot recommend them. Stick with Classical Homeopathy.

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Food Faddism, Mono Diets, Juice Diets, Macrobiotics, etc.

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