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Hippocrates  (460-377 BC)

This is our nutritional philosophy and we would add that with homeopathy we have a marvelous combination of the most natural approach to health.

"A human being is the crown of creation, a masterpiece of the universe. Most agree that we are a product of millions of years of evolution."

 Scientists say we are of the most elegant and highly evolved species on this planet Earth, with the intellectual capacity to control virtually every aspect of our lives. Your environment, your lifestyle, your diet, and even your thoughts affect your state of being every day, and even affect your genetics. By living healthfully you will directly impact your entire being. This can improve your genetics in the process of continuing evolution. Or, by living unconsciously, without regard for the quality of your life, you can weaken your genes, in a sad process of involution, culminating in failing vitality, illness, dementia and early death. We can change our own future, we don’t have to end up like everyone else. These recommendations will help you to slow down the process of degeneration to a minimum adding years of productive and illness free enjoyable years of life.
Indeed, we each have choices to make. Somewhere inside we all really desire to make choices which will give us the highest quality life. Who would not choose to live in excellent health, happy and illness-free. Free of relying on doctors, using medications, staying in hospitals and submitting to surgeries? This can be the normal way of life. But, how can we achieve this? Is everlasting excellent health really possible in this unnatural modern world?  
Definitely yes!   It can be quite daunting to wade through the sea of information on nutrition available today. There is almost always a special interest behind the philosophies, like the sale of products or selling of books.                         back


 We can find diets of any type, size and shape, for blood types, city names, countries, cultures, body types, personality types, high protein, low protein, high carbs, low carbs, raw foods, vegetarian, etc. etc. .  Who is right? Who is wrong? I have found there is at least a little bit of truth in every “diet”. Lets try to shed some light on a more common sense approach to nutrition. Instead of a particular catchy idea of what to eat for you particularly. Lets look at what everyone should eat, and then you can find your own individual likes and dislikes with different foods and variety to satisfy your tastes.  First, many people have lost contact with their instincts. That feeling of craving for certain foods to keep oneself healthy.  Our modern Standard American diet [SAD] has dulled our outer and inner senses. In addition, our modern sedentary way of life adds to the dulling and devitalization of our minds and bodies.
The television, radio, and print media have given us a body of knowledge tainted with and slanted toward commercial interests and not absolute truth. They appeal to the grosser senses, desires and tastes to sell their packaged, processed foods. They rely on addictive sugars, flours, and fried, fat soaked, spiced foods to stimulate the taste buds and sell their products. These foods become addictive and the person begins to crave these food/drugs, like the need for a stimulant, suppressing the natural instincts.
Once these foods pass the mouth, they cause the delicate metabolism to work overtime to eliminate the toxins, pesticides, preservatives, and unnatural hydrogenated chemicals which the body cannot properly assimilate.
What little nutrition we finally get out of these devitalized foods is hardly worth the effort of digestion. But it is what they leave behind that are the seeds of chronic illness.


"I have tried to look to nature as a guide.  Like my mother always said, Where there is a will there is a way. In nature, survival is the will. This quest for survival has caused the adaptation which dictated structure and form. Of course a look at the anteaters and we see an easy example.  The long snout doesn't need an explanation. Similarly, the digestive tracts of early man and his predecessors developed around the food sources available to them." This is called adaptation.


  1. Evidence based on historical, archaeological, anthropological studies of hunter-gatherers, and agrarian societies. As hunter-gatherers over evolutionary time we ate plants, roots, fruits, nuts and seeds we gathered. Also it is theorized that we hunted a portion of our foods as animal products. This teaches us that we evolved over billions of years to eat this way. It also shows that the proportions of plants to animal products were probably very different from the standard American diet (SAD).
2. Studies of the diets of primates in the wild. Gorillas eat leaves, nuts, fruits and seeds. No animal foods. This dispels the myth that we can only have powerful muscular bodies from eating meat.
3. Knowledge of foods known to weaken the immune system and to exacerbate other allergies. Our experience shows that processed foods make allergies worse. Foods such as Dairy, Wheat, Corn, Yeast, and especially refined Sugars. They also contribute significantly to autoimmune disorders. Most of these food allergies are from grains, processed foods, and dairy.
4. Empirical observations of my patients, and their reactions to elimination diets. My own and my patients allergies and their reactions to different foods under different conditions and experiences with food faddism, juicing, mono diets and fasting. Rational thinking with regard to nutrition takes into account all philosophies and weighs the benefits and disadvantages of all.
5. Nutritional scientific studies. We need carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and minerals, vitamins, enzymes vitamins in our diets. Only raw foods contain enzymes for good health, cooking destroys them.
6. We can measure the electrical energy in living, raw, uncooked vegetables and fruits.
They are ALIVE.   see (live foods)
7. These conclusions have been proved to me and my patients throughout 20 years of clinical practice.


 Conventional doctors are not taught to use cleansing in their therapeutic arsenal. What doctors usually mean by "cleaning out" is to fast and do enemas before tests are done.  What we mean by cleansing is to eliminate toxins on a cellular level. The concept of changing the way someone eats, as a treatment for the most part is not emphasized (except for the obvious, diabetes, ulcers etc.) The poisons and toxins we have stored in our cells over time is a major contributor to chronic disease. In fact good elimination is one of the cornerstones of optimum natural health.

"There exists in a human body a great capacity to store toxins and eliminate them. Not just in the bowel, but at a cellular level, especially in the fat cells. The liver, kidneys, bowel and skin are the major organs of detoxification. Where do all those pesticides, colorings, preservatives, stabilizers and poisons go?  Where does the mercury in the tuna or swordfish or leeching from your silver amalgam fillings go? (see dentistry) Or the pesticides in our produce? Well, you might say the liver, kidneys, bowel and the skin eliminate them. Very well, but do they eliminate all of them? While your body is trying to eliminate a poison on day one, are you putting others in on day 2? 3, 4, 5? And so on… On and on….. Year after year… When do your organs stop functioning optimally, at age 25? 30?35? when to they start to tire of compensating for poor food choices? When does your immune system stop working at peak efficiency? When does chronic illness start to affect your life?"
There comes a time when your cruelty to these sensitive tissues begins to take a serious toll. It’s amazing that these delicate tissues can withstand all that abuse!
When does your vital force start to dissipate? When do your excesses and indiscretions start to affect your life? These are complex, difficult questions to answer, (see homeopathy) but I for one do not want to wait around for modern medical science to learn the answers. How many years were the natural doctors talking about proper nutrition before the American Cancer Society started talking about a rational anti cancer diet? Answer: a long time! About a hundred years.                           


Fasting has long been a way to achieve cleansing and  healing on a physical and spiritual level. Fasting is the elimination of all foods and drinking water for a period of time. It has roots at least as far back as the old testament with many religions practicing some type of fasting even today. For health, in our modern day world, fasting doesn't seem to fit so well. We don't have the time. However, we can gain most of the same benefits of fasting with a primarily raw, vegetarian diet with fresh juices in a more gentle fashion.

     For those of you who have the time, fasting with water or just vegetable and or fruit juices is a fast and proven time-honored method of healing. This should be done under a doctors supervision and monitoring only.  Judgment is impaired during a fast and will power is diminished.  Breaking of the fast in a gradual fashion is critical. (see Wheatgrass juice)                                                              back


We are addicted to our tastes, fancies, cultural bias, and habits to our detriment. The addictive qualities that many processed foods create is analogous to the addictive patterns of drugs. With drugs there is a craving, then it is satisfied. Then it seems that more and more of the drug is needed to satisfy. If the drug is taken away, a withdrawal is felt. It seems that the quantity of food needed to satisfy the craving increases with time. Does any of this sound familiar? Many of these cravings overshadow the persons true instinctual natural cravings for foods that will fulfill the nutritional needs of the body in a healthy way.
 With food addictions, the pattern is similar. The foods which are refined sugars, processed foods, grains and also excessive animal products (especially dairy products). It is not surprising that many of the addictive alcoholic beverages are made from grains, such as beer and whiskey. The facts are that food allergy is the same as food addiction. It is always due to processed foods of some kind. Mostly from sugars and starches. This can lead to alcoholism and drug addiction. In fact we often see reformed alcoholics addicted stimulants such as coffee, sugar and chocolates.
        Food allergy = Food Addiction                 Many of our children, who don’t have the self control of an adult mind, fall prey to the addictive eating patterns so often seen in our increasingly more sickly children. They choose processed foods over healthful foods, even over the objections of mothers who are trying and know better.
Here is a common scenario: Mother is trying to feed the children well. It becomes a battle, she is making a great effort to feed her children well. Then father takes the kids out and tries to win points with them by filling them with junk foods and sweets. The mother is caught in the middle and is not supported by the less knowledgeable father. It is a dilemma I have seen time and time again. Fathers please don’t use junk foods as rewards. Learn more about nutrition, you will save a lot on trips to the doctors. You might win points with your wife as well!
Where are all the cherub-like rosy cheeked children with bright clear eyes? Less and less do we see clear skin, and joyful expressions of vibrant health. More and more we see a more apathetic, open mouthed, sleepy eyed, pasty faced child with skin blemishes, low vitality and irritable temperaments, tubes in their ears and on chronic antibiotics. This is due to the devitalization of our god given foods combined with suppressive medical treatments
(see Homeopathy). Isn’t it about time we took a good look at what we are feeding our little ones? It is our fault as parents that we allow our children to overeat these processed foods. This sours their stomachs causing them to have poor appetite for real foods. This is why we can’t get them to whole foods, and vegetables, the “staff of life”.
Later a life of poor eating causes chronic illnesses such as Obesity, Acne, Reactive Hypoglycemia, Fatigue, Mood Swings, Mania, Depression Alcoholism Insomnia, ADD ADHD. Further down the road, Arthritis, Asthma, Migraines, Diabetes, Colitis, digestive disorders and other autoimmune problems including neurological disorders, and mental and emotional problems, the list is endless.
I am not stating that every one will get these diseases with SAD,(Standard American Diet) but that the chances are greatly reduced by a significantly(50%) raw diet. To understand more fully the origins of illness see the section on
Homeopathy.                                                                                   back


"We don’t need a PhD to see that these uncooked, unheated, foods (especially green plants) have been the vast majority of the worlds food supply for billions, that’s billions of years, period." (see sprouts)                                                                                                            back


Many weight loss diets today are based upon low starch intake. They find that they lose weight much faster by limiting their carbohydrates. We too recommend that a limit be put on the intake of grains and other concentrated starches.  In fact we do not recommend any grains that have not been at least partially sprouted.     "The truth is we have only had agrarian (agricultural) societies for the past 10,000 years. On the scale of evolution this is barely a tick of the clock. We are not well adapted to digestion of grains. Our predecessors, in hunter-gatherer societies had evolved digestive organs over a period of many millions of years."
Grains are implicated in many chronic diseases. (Celiac disease and Arthritis to name a few) The amounts consumed proportionally to other items in the diet are much too much for good health. Some diets have more than 50% of their calories from grains. That is probably refined baked grains in white breads and pastas. We recommend highly nutritious sprouted grains
(see live foods) and if bread is ingested, sprouted grain bread, especially Essene, non leavened breads. If you eat a lot of grains, just ask yourself, what does a cattle rancher do when he wants to fatten the cattle for market? That’s right, he feeds them grains, not fat. In the wild, herbivores eat mostly greens.                                                                          back


Again, dairy products have been used as a food for humans even less time than grains. This is too short a time for evolutionary adaptation to be an ideal food. Also in modern society, they are eaten in too great a quantity with too much fat and sodium. The processing (pasteurizing) of these products may be a major factor in adding to the atherosclerotic clogging of the arteries.  Many cultures (like the far east) have 100% lactose intolerance. In pediatric practice, virtually 100% of the chronically ill children are eating too many dairy products. That is especially those with ear infections and upper respiratory problems. I would guess that probably 80 to 90 percent of ear infections and chronic upper respiratory problems in children would be eliminated by stopping dairy and refined sugar as well as a large proportion of baked goods. I                                                         back



One which mimics, as best as we can, the diet of early man, or even of the primates.  This is the ideal, but, as we are living in the modern world, a combination of Raw/Cooked foods can be an excellent balance.                                        back


1. COMPLEX CARBOHYDRATES - 40-50% - Raw vegetables and vegetable juices especially green, sprouts, raw fruits and fruit juices, wheatgrass juice
20-30% - Cooked land and sea vegetables

2. STARCHES- 10-% - Grains, Starchy vegetables (baked potatoes, yams) dates, breads from sprouted grains or essene (recipes) unleavened bread is best.

3. FATS - 10% - Nuts, seeds, Avocados, eggs, olive oil

4. PROTEINS - 5-10% - Legumes (sprouted peas, beans,) sprouted Nuts, seeds, especially seed cheese, Animal products - (mostly non shellfish Seafood and Eggs recommended) some chicken, minimal meats, lean game meats are the best.                                                                 

5. FERMENTED FOODS - Seed Cheese, Rejuvilac, Essene Crackers,  Sauerkraut                                                                                                                                                                      

6. BEVERAGES - Water, Watermelon Juice, Wheatgrass juice, Raw vegetable juices, Rejuvilac

  recipes                                                                    back



If we start from the point of view that the sun is the source of all physical life on earth, it sustains our lives and all living things. It prevents our planet from freezing up solid like Pluto.
We get our nutrition from foods which either directly or indirectly have captured the sun’s life sustaining force. That is either in the plant or animal kingdoms. Of course the plant kingdom is the most efficient in this process. Chlorophyll, the green “blood” of the plant kingdom, is the essence of plants. It is this chlorophyll which enables the green plants to absorb the sun’s energy and capture it as food. These foods create the least stress during digestion and assimilation they cause the least amount of digestive effort to get the maximum of benefits.

(There are invariable people who say that they cannot tolerate raw veggies.  This just goes to show how far we have strayed from our natural roots.  This is because they are so toxic, that the cleansing natural effects of these ideal green foods have started a cleansing which they cannot tolerate. Also, the tissues are so devitalized and unhealthy that they cannot stand all the energy that the greens stimulate. A sick person who starts a temporary raw food cleansing regimen can experience a strong reaction.  This could be in the form of diarrhea, or eruptions, or even vomiting and others. The key is to slowly build up to it. It is remarkable  that often doctors will tell their patients with this or that illness, you shouldn't have raw foods! The very thing that could truly help. Unbelievable. Please check with your homeopath about this if you are having problems.) 

Animal foods provide the suns energy second hand in a sense. Somewhere down the food chain the carnivores will eat an animal that was a plant eater. And this energy is much more difficult to obtain through digestion than the more efficient plant products. In addition the by products and waste products of digesting animal products are much more difficult to eliminate by comparison.
     When reading about the dinosaurs we hear that a natural disaster from a large asteroid crashing into earth caused their extinction. This was because the green plants were severely limited from the world wide dust cover limiting the sunlight. It is these green plants and of course the sunlight that sustains our physical lives. So, it stands to reason that green plants are our most natural foods.

    The notion that we cannot live without animal products is false. We could live on green plants alone. Not the most tantalizing prospect, but possible. The CHLOROPHYLL is the perfect food. Huge whales eat tons of single celled green plants called plankton daily as their only food. Without this they would die. They are the largest animals on earth and they are vegetarians.
If we look at the chemical structures of CHLOROPHYLL and HEMOGLOBIN (actually the “heme” portion of hemo-globin) we see a striking resemblance in the two. In fact the only difference is one molecule. The red heme contains iron, and the chlorophyll contained magnesium.
(see figures) Yet, the functions are completely opposite, Hemoglobin, the red substance of the blood, will absorb oxygen and when carried to the cell will release it and carry the waste product of cellular respiration Carbon Dioxide to the lungs for exhalation.

In Plants, the most miraculous, life-sustaining process occurs. IN THE PRESENCE OF SUNLIGHT, THE CHLOROPHYLL IN PLANTS WILL CAPTURE THE ENERGY OF THE SUN, using Carbon Dioxide as a raw material, our waste product of respiration, and give off the oxygen into the atmosphere so that we may breathe it in. What a remarkable process. The two substances look so alike but have opposite functions. The Chlorophyll “captures” the energy of the sun and in addition to the creation of oxygen, it stores that energy as food in the plant and fruits.       Chlorophyll is the perfect food.
click here for molecular structures

So, in my opinion, the lords prayer should say “give us this day our daily greens”. The lack of green vegetables is the single most glaring imbalance we see in most diets today. Especially in children's diets.                                back


Our first assumption is that live, natural foods are best. What is natural? Those foods grown or raised without any substances or created in a lab. No artificial fertilizers, no pesticides, no radiating, no preservatives, no hormones, colorings, no canning, freezing, micro waving, stabilizing, genetic alterations, etc. etc. etc, just nature’s food.
The fact is that the poisoning, processing, packaging and preserving of our foods have removed them from their natural state. These “foods” are now dead. No life energy is left.
The genetic engineering of foods is the most alarming of these errors being made by our scientific community. What is the motivation of these scientists? Someone is paying them, probably the food industry to make foods that are more durable, slower to deteriorate, have longer shelf life, to look prettier, shinier, etc.
Are they trying to make the food more nutritious? Is this their priority? The history of the industry suggests not. Many people do no trust their motives. Do they not respect billions of years of evolution and God’s handiwork?
A wise person might think that to genetically alter a food cosmetically (make it look prettier) would decrease the nutritional value of the food. After all the energy of the plant has to go somewhere, if it is in the preserving and beautifying of the vegetable, might it not follow that the nutritional value might suffer for the more fibrous outer skin?
Do they presume to be able to improve on nature? I, for one cannot believe the arrogance of our scientists to alter, maybe forever, the master blueprint, genetic code for the very foods that sustain us. Billions, not millions of years of evolution are behind all these living things. Just because a corporation wants a higher profit margin, does this mean we will risk ruining our most precious commodity, our food supply?
We are living in a technological society. We have come to embrace our conveniences, speed of communication, information, travel, etc. But we are making a large error in judgment by accepting what technology and the geneticists are doing. We cannot generalize to think that all technology is good.
Hasn’t history taught us otherwise?
Nature has shown infinite wisdom in her development of plant species and the sustaining of life. The arrogance of those who feel they can improve on nature are sorely mistaken to the detriment of us all. It is commerce and the greed of men which drives this on and where will it end? Is this not playing God? I challenge any one of them to create life, to create even one flower. Just look at the recent rage of cloning. Is this not insanity? Just because we can do something doesn’t mean it should be done.
We have become brainwashed, foolishly lulled into a complacent state of mind. We simply accept what large food corporations and their scientists say, who are prepared to do anything to make a dollar. If we refuse to accept the unmitigated adultery of our most precious, most intimate relationships with nature, we will continue down a road of chronic illness and suffering. We will suffer for our inactivity and complacency.
The suggestions are based upon an amalgamation of various philosophies. We have found that much natural advice about food is based upon a quite fanatical approach. We try to make it rational. Based on facts.



1. The simple fact is that natural, organic, non-irradiated, non-genetically engineered, raw vegetables and fruits have the most nutrition, take less energy to digest, leave less waste product to eliminate and have a natural cleansing ability. They have the “life force” still alive in them.
2. Cooked vegetable foods take out the “life force” but are second best to raw.
3. Animal products are much harder to digest and should be limited. Of course seafood is a clear first choice if animal foods are to be used.
4. Processed foods create an imbalance that the body tries to compensate for. (for example, sugar, salt, margarine, white flour, baked goods, pasteurized homogenized milk, pasteurized process cheeses, common breakfast cereals, hydrogenated peanut butter).
5. Foods created in a laboratory or genetically engineered should not be eaten. This engineering is based on cosmetics and longer shelf life and not nutrition. Something has to give somewhere, and a benefit here may create an imbalance there. We just don’t know. Cross pollination is one thing, genetic engineering is another.
6. Raw vegetable juices (and especially wheatgrass juice) are a great way to supplement and boost your nutritional status.
7. Foods adulterated with preservatives, colorings, stabilizers should not be eaten, and animals that have been treated with drugs, hormones and other chemicals or have been fed with these should be avoided as much as possible. These can add to a toxic condition which the body has to eliminate.
8. One should eat according to their age, level of health or sickness, level of stress, activity and location.  
9. “Fun” foods or non-foods should be severely limited. E.g.: coffee, tobacco, alcohol, chocolate, candy, pastry, ice cream, etc. and only used on occasion to enhance the quality of life. NOT ON A DAILY BASIS!
10. We have found that following a more rigorous diet during the work week (Monday to Friday), and if you have to “cheat”, do so on the weekend when there are more parties and celebrations, restaurants, and social gatherings to attend.
11. The simple facts are that what we ingest creates most of the problems we have.
12. Judicious use of vitamins in Non-pharmacological doses is helpful.


We promote WHEATGRASS juice to help compensate for the poor nutrition that we and our children are receiving. The benefits are so numerous that we could not possible list them all. But essentially it is a powerful way to rejuvenate cleanse and energize yourself and your family. Those who are sick and those who are not. We drink it daily. Here's why:

1. To help compensate for years of poor nutrition, with it’s abundance of life sustaining elements and chlorophyll.

2. To help boost the energy of a depleted vital force as an aid to healing. Speeds up healing.

3. To increase the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood.                                                         

4. To cleanse a system full of toxins and showing signs of breakdown of vital organ efficiency.

5. To help reverse the effects of premature aging and devitalization so prevalent in our increasingly unnatural environment.  

            (see recipe)           see juicers                back                            (more on wheat grass juice)


This is the sad excuse given by many of the hard working New York area patients give when they have to put aside time to make fresh juice or even to rest when they are sick!  If quality of life means something to you, and your family. If having vitality, operating at peak performance, and feeling really alive, is important, then this can be for you.  The energy you gain and the time not spent being sick compensates for the extra time.  I am afraid that eventually they may have to spend that time going from doctor to doctor after ill health has befallen them. Or, have to take chronic medications to bolster them up or keep from being depressed. And, if the person is blessed with a good strong constitution from their family, they will be slowly weakening the genetic fiber and passing this down to their children if poor nutritional habits are continued.
     Our children are eating processed foods
all day. They are being short changed by the excuse of a fast, convenient, shortcut to proper nutrition. The irony is that most of the healthiest foods are raw, and need little to no preparation. We are doing this to them.
We take a dietary history of all our patients.           


During the Viet Nam war, the surgeons for the United States Armed forces were appalled at the amount of arteriosclerosis in their young soldier patients arteries. They didn’t expect to see that amount of clogging of the arteries except in much older patients. Why was this the case? What clogged up these arteries? The over use of meat, dairy, grains and processed foods is the reason (all other things like genetic predisposition being equal) I discuss with my patients all aspects of their lives and it is appalling to see that for many children their only vegetables are French fries! The fact is it is not in the interests of the medical established community to promote proper nutrition. A few years ago the American Pediatric Association stated that cow’s milk was not recommended for children under the age of one year. This advice was never heeded. The appearance of the children who do eat properly is obvious to any observer. They have clearer skin, brighter eyes and minds, they don’t get ear infections, they don’t get sick. It is a fact that vegetables promote calmness and refined processed foods and animal products have an exciting, passion stimulating property. I think we could do with a little more calmness in our children.
This stimulation turns to chronic fatigue and depression when the hormones of youth have worn off and adulthood begins.                                                                                                               I weep when I see our pasty faced, pimpled, out of shape, stuffy nosed, mouth breathing, with tubes in their ears, spaced out kids that are being churned out by our “culture”. It is a sin. People laugh about it. It has become a pop cliché. The snot nosed, glasses wearing, tooth decayed person headed for appendicitis, gall stones, arthritis, heart disease, or cancer and possibly Alzheimer's later on.  It doesn't have to be that way.  There are many courageous mothers out there who feed their children well. 


I certainly would not discourage the rational use of vitamins. I don’t think they should be taken in pharmacological doses, however. I think that too many people take them to compensate for poor nutrition. There is no substitute for good nutrition. We carry vitamins and they certainly help to bolster the energy and immune system to a degree. We will not go into specific vitamins here. People are too often looking for that one pill which will give them the edge they need to get over their fatigue or cope with stress. This is unwise. It would be wiser to look at what needs to be eliminated from the diet first. In the last generation or so, “natural” doctors” are using vitamins in high, concentrated doses. With Homeopathy it is not necessary to use these vitamins as medicines.



By this time you should probably guess what we are going to say about water. Pure unadulterated natural water. Well, where do you find such water? You can’t. In most industrialized, civilized areas you can’t trust the water tables and wells to not be polluted. Pretty sorry statement. Pretty sorry state of affairs. To top it off, the water itself has chlorine and most times fluoride added to it. Drink as pure a water as you can find, in most cases it will be bottled, preferably in glass. Many water filters are excellent, we are researching this and a report in future updates will be forthcoming.



This is a complex subject which I will not attempt to cover in great detail.  However, if you click here  you will get a general idea of the compatible food groups.                back


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