Exerp from a recent issue of the JACM (Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine):


“Paradoxically, in this era of ever-increasing technological and biomolecular sophistication and complexity, especially in medicine, there are more people than ever before suffering with and from chronic diseases, for which allopathic medicine has demonstrated limited effectiveness, and for which psychological and psychiatric interventions are rarely curative,” writes Jobst. “In this area, homeopathic medicine and the homeopathic method not only offers a safe way forward, but one which appears to be remarkably effective in routine practice, especially for such chronic conditions, and arguably more importantly, it offers and provides a profound reawakening of the importance of doctor-patient rapport and to the taking of the clinical history.” (read more here)



A recent positive change in the law with regard to the religious exemptions has been enacted in NY state.  Unfortunately a vote is going to be taken on December 8th to overturn the new regulation. Click here.






-After bringing a patient to George Vithoulkas, world famous homeopath, George asked me if I would like to take cases for him. So If any patients wish to see Dr. Vithoulkas can come to me and I will take the case. Then I will present the case to the Doctor and he will prescribe.  Or, we can go to Greece after taking the case and present in person.  This is what I did recently with a seriously ill patient, 


We have room for more astrology students, please contact us for info.


  The first cycle of astrology classes has finished.  We will be starting a second this Saturday, 3/14.  Anyone interested, I will bring them up to speed with tapes and personal instruction.  We are video taping the classes.  I also have video tapes of Mr Mason which we will be viewing together in the future. Please call me if you are interested at 369 6900. There is a lot of excitement about these classes.  It is a rare opportunity to learn a very solid and practical form of astrology with no fatalism or superstition.

Dr. g.




    A class in Astrology is starting on January 31st with Robert Corre at my office. Mr Corre and I were students of the highly respected astrologer Mr. Zoltan Mason, who passed away this past summer at 96.  This knowledge, based on the works of Morin from the 16th century is a no nonsense, practical approach to understanding the natal horoscope.  If you are interested, there are a few places left in the class.  Sorry for the late notice.  Class is $ 360 for 6-  3 hour sessions. One preliminary session is held by me on Thursday Jan 29th at 7 pm at my office.  Please bring a check to the preliminary class, you may pay either the whole amount now or half and then half after 3 classes. see here

  If all goes as planned we will continue a weekly class after the initial intensive beginner course. We are taping for those who may miss a class or two.

  Secondly, I will be posting a meditation section on the website.  This is based upon my experience with various eastern disciplines for over 30 years.  Kundalini, Zen, and Kototama.  As you can see, I have lost my mind by coming "out of the closet" so to speak with spiritual disciplines!  On the other hand I have a strong belief in God, and pray daily. The eastern techniques, make that prayer deeper and stronger and more complete. The knowledge of astrology helps us to understand our deeper nature and those of our loved ones.  It can bring us closer together through understand each others needs. 

   My studies in each of these areas have been with teachers of long experience and understanding, I have waited until this age to start to share some of this knowlege as I felt it was not ripe until recently.  The other reason is that there are so many bad teachers out there, that I felt I could do a good job!  There are too many self styled gurus with egos out of control.  As one of my teachers said, I never want to limit  anyone's growth through my limitations. So for what it is worth, we will begin meditation classes at my office on a regular basis, please let me know if you are interested.  They will be as described on the website, but with a group, the effect can be stronger. Please let me know if you are interested.      


We had class 2 of our month long class on Wed. and it was well attended, it is fine for those who have not come to the first two to come to the second.  We will be discussing Mental illness on the 19th.


    We are into the nitty-gritty of homeopathy now.  We have been reading the Organon by the master, Samuel Hahnemann, for the past 2 classes. Thanks to some high tech av aids, we can read the scrolling large screen text as a group.  I feel this will aid in absorption of the material.  Although is is the "basic science" of homeopathic philosophy no one seems to be falling asleep !   We have a schedule of the second and fourth Mondays of the month. Next meeting on October 13th. All are welcome.


   Well, the summer is over, back to school, fall is here. Just posted comments made on a video with Gary Null of "Natural Living" radio fame here in NY.  They were made off the cuff in front of a camera, unscripted. Hope you enjoy it.

For those of you who are emailing from India with difficult cases, please know that it is impossible to do this by email.  A case must be taken and observed in great detail for a proper prescription to be made.  As I understand, there are many fine homeopaths in India, the best of whom, I have met in the name of Faruk Master, MD.  If you have a difficult case, go to him in Bombay and he can help you.  He will not charge what you cannot afford.  He is a great man, and tell him that I sent you.

Our study group is continuing, every other Monday night at 7 pm, and all are welcome.  We are now reading the 6th Edition of the Organon by our founder and world renowned medical giant, Samuel Hahnemann, MD.   This was written during the last years of his life and is considered the crowning triumph of his wisdom.  Do not be put off by the fact that you may be joining us "midstream", so to speak. 

Next study group is September 22nd, at my office, and every two weeks.

Next introductory class may be in November, probably on a Wed. night and probably for 4-6 meetings, 7-9 pm.  Will announce one way or the other soon.  Please email me if you are interested at  .




     Sorry for the hiatus, we have taken a break for the summer from our study group and lecture series.  I have taken the time to do a little personal cleansing, fasting, and juices.  We will notify you of the lectures within the next 6 weeks or so.  I will be adding more as my strength returns.  This has been a much needed rejuvenation and exercise in healing thyself.  Please come back often. Dr. G.






4/5/03  special note to parents with autistic, learning disabled, behavior disordered children:

     Much is going on with Mercury preservative (Thimerosal) used on vaccines in the news.  We added a number of web sites on our links page which deal with this problem.   In 1970 the incidence of autism was 1/2000 patients. it is now 1/150 patients. A virtual  epidemic.  Read more about it and the huge confidential Center for Disease Control (CDC) study which was suppressed about this issue which looked at not only autism, but other problems such as adhd, add, learning disabilities, behavior problems, and many others. For a full 27 page copy of the study here is the link: . Although a number of vaccines have removed the Timerosal, many have not. You can find a list of them here: . Probably as shocking as the fact that the drug companies involved and the government covered this atrocity up is the fact that these preservatives are only used because they save money by using multiple dose vials.  If they used single dose vials, they would not have to use the mercury!  All this because of packaging cost reduction.  How many multimillions of dollars are being spent on rehabilitating these children not to mention the human toll of misery they have caused.  All because of a cost benefit analysis and greed for profits. This is beyond bad medicine, it is evil.  People cherish their precious children, and to think that because the drug companies are saving a few cents on a bottle and in turn ruining a life and a family is beyond outrageous.   I am through not speaking out about this subject.  Check the web sites on the link page, there are a number of them. If you have a child damaged, there are class action suits going on.


    We just returned from a 3 day seminar with Dr. Farokh Master, MD one of the worlds prominent homeopaths.  The event was sponsored by Whole Health Now ( ), the North American representative of RADAR, computerized software.  I am sure that all who attended were inspired by the good doctors example.  He amongst the worlds  authorities on the repertory (our books of symptoms and the remedies they treat).  He heads a clinic in Bombay, India with 10 homeopaths, which sees thousands of patients a month.  Dr. Master has the distinction of working in one of the largest hospitals in Asia, and sees some of the sickest patients imaginable.  His vast clinical experience, encyclopedic knowledge of homeopathy and a lively presentation make him a world class teacher of our profession. I felt privileged to have been able to spend time with him.

   The first two days were on treatment of acute diseases, with theory and video cases presented.  Most were asthma cases. The third day was on dreams and their significance in helping to choose the right remedy for our patients.

    The good doctor treats many people who are quite poor and cannot pay the clinic, but nonetheless, they treat them and in severe cases, payment or not, he says, "you have to stay with them whole night",  in some severe cases of asthma, for example. His dedication and studiousness, humility, and generosity were inspirational. He has written many books, (see ) which I highly recommend, as he is not one to make a statement or addition to our repertory without careful observation of many cases.   He is what we think of when we we think of a true doctor.

     We had very nice talks wherein I gave him my recommendation, "You need to rest, maybe take a little walk in the morning, a little break, 1/2 day once in a while, we need you to stay healthy, to teach, the doctors need you, suffering people need you."  he invited me to come and observe in his clinic for a few weeks, and I may do this sometime in the next year.

     The National Center conference is coming to Philadelphia in a few weeks, Dr. Master will be talking there , as well as another great name, Andre Saine from Canada as well. ( )  The hay fever remedies we promised will be posted soon.

    Just received this:  

Controlled Clinical Trials Evaluating the Homeopathic Treatment of People with Human Immunodeficiency Virus or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

Author(s): Dana Ullman MPH

The Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine Volume: 9Number: 1Page: 133 -- 141

DOI: 10.1089/107555303321223008

Publisher: Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.

Abstract: Context: Homeopathic medicine developed significant popularity in the nineteenth century in the United States and Europe as a result of its successes treating the infectious disease epidemics during that era. Homeopathic medicine is a medical system that is specifically oriented to using nanopharmacologic and ultramolecular doses of medicines to strengthen a person's immune and defense system rather than directly attacking the microbial agents.
Objectives: To review the literature referenced in MEDLINE and in nonindexed homeopathic journals for placebo-controlled clinical trials using homeopathic medicines to treat people with AIDS or who are human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-positive and to consider a different theoretical and methodological approach to treating people with the viral infection.
Findings: A total of five controlled clinical trials were identified. A double-blinded, placebo-controlled study was conducted on 50 asymptomatic HIV-positive subjects (stage II) and 50 subjects with persistent generalized lymphadenopathy (stage III) in whom individualized single-remedy homeopathic treatment was provided. A separate body of preliminary research was conducted using homeopathic doses of growth factors. Two randomized double-blinded, placebo-controlled studies were conducted with a total of 77 people with AIDS who used only natural therapies over a 8-16-week period. Two other studies were conducted over a 2.5-year period with 27 subjects in an open-label format.
Settings: The first study was conducted by the Regional Research Institute for Homoeopathy in Mumbai, India, under the Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy, with the approval of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. The second body of studies was conducted in clinic settings in California, Oregon, Arizona, Hawaii, New York, and Washington.
Results: The first study found no statistically significant improvement in CD4 T-lymphocytes, but did find statistically significant pretest and post-test results in subjects with stage III AIDS, in CD4 ( p= 0.008) and in CD8 ( p= 0.04) counts. The second group of studies found specific physical, immunologic, neurologic, metabolic, and quality-of-life benefits, including improvements in lymphocyte counts and functions and reductions in HIV viral loads.
Conclusions: As a result of the growing number of people with drug-resistant HIV infection taking structured treatment interruptions, homeopathic medicine may play a useful role as an adjunctive and/or alternative therapy.


Well, spring is here. I am working on an article for hay fever will be posted soon.  One of our study group members has video taped a relative while she took the case and we have been using the repertory to elucidate the appropriate rubrics to use.  Another member custom made an Excel Repertory sheet.  this one is designed for chronic miasmic and constitutional cases for beginners. (if you want it click here).

   Recently there have been a rash of pneumonia cases in my practice, and since they appeared to be viral, the best treatment is homeopathic as there are no antibiotics for this. Rest is essential, and the use of wheatgrass juice and raw vegetable and green juices is invaluable.  Stop all starches, and dairy products fried, processed foods and increase raw vegetables, especially sprouts.  Cooked veggies in soups is good, and Sun Chlorella will help strengthen the person as well as cleanse the bowel to a degree.

   Good luck and come home soon to our brave men and women in Iraq. We pray for your safe return and the preservation of life as well as peace on earth.


Spring is almost here and you know what that means, pollens and allergies.  We will cover a number of remedies for hay fever and asthma in an article, coming soon.  Last study group viewed the Mystery of Healing tape because they didn't see it previously, and at 8 pm "Whole Health Now" presented a telephone conference with Dr. F. Master, MD.  We listened to him for the second hour as he answered general questions about repertorization, and materia medica. 

      I asked him about the subject matter for the dream seminar day (day one and two are acute illness) coming up in Bridgeport, CT. at the end of the month.  He said that he was influenced by Dr. Edward C. Whitmont (Psyche and Substance) a Jungian Psychologist, whom I had the pleasure of a professional visit when I was doing electrodiagnosis.  Dr. Master admitted that the Jungian approach was based on the metaphysics of astrology and mythology of the ancients.  This is a subject of which I am very interested, since I studied Astrology with a great master, Zoltan Mason in NY City, during the late 70's and 80's.  This approach has brought a tremendous depth to my understanding of the human personality and temperament.  It ties in with the Ancient theories of temperament espoused by Hippocrates of the 4 elements. Unfortunately, most of the astrology practiced today is of a very unscientific, and superstitious quality.  Astrology is a great method to determine character, the problem is not with astrology but with the astrologers.  Most astrological consultations by most modern astrologers, is not based on solid methodology.  It is based on many generalities (general significators) and superstitious beliefs. 

    It was said that the stars and man generate man. 

Free will can change fate.  A fatalistic belief is not the right way for the enlightened.  Astrology can help us to see our tendencies and help us to understand how and why we are the way we are.

For those of you who are interested in learning astrology from a rational classic perspective click here

I do not recommend any of the modern astrology books, at least not until the method of Morin is mastered.

     I have been doing research on Medical astrology and much of what has been done in modern times has no real worth.  Many of these so called medical astrologers are nothing more than psychics, with a general knowledge of astrology.  I will be working on a text for homeopaths to apply classical astrological knowledge with understanding of the elements, and correlate this with constitutional prescribing in Classical Homeopathy. 



The bad weather  came on two successive Mondays, so we had a long unexpected break.  But tonight we will be resuming our diligence in homeopathic education.  Lachesis is the remedy of the week. A tape on Pharyngitis will be shown.  Last Wed. class was about mental illness and a number of case studies were presented. Click (here) to see the text.

2/9/03  Wednesday's class was well attended and a video was shown "Homeopathy Mystery of Healing" which reviewed the basics of Homeopathy and was particularly interesting in demonstrating the manufacture of homeopathic remedies by different pharmacies, both large and small.  The feedback was positive, even though I differed with some of the treatments demonstrated, showing the influence of Homeopathic manufacturers hawking their products.  I guess we can't get away from the commercial influence anywhere.

     However, these points aside (using topical applications of remedies for chronic skin affections) over all it is the best introductory video available. 

    Second part of the class we went over remedies for colds, influenza, and otitis media (ear infections).  Handouts were given for the introductory lecture and case studies, also  the trauma module. Both modules have quizzes we will review on  2/12/03. 


1/25/03 On the 22nd of January we had our first class of the year.  It was well attended and we expect more to come as some just got the news.

Introduction to Homeopathy was covered.  We ended by briefly mentioning Arnica and Ignatia as two pillars of homeopathic treatment which any kit cannot be without.  I compiled a little information on Arnica (here).  

On 11/21/02 we mentioned the following:



If you don't like it, then contact your senators and congressmen and the president, and tell them to fix it. If you don't want enforced vaccinations then you have to contact these people.

click here to see the bill : e105274

Follow up:

Date: Fri, 24 Jan 2003 18:32:21 -0800

From: fyi <>

Subject: update

The provision tacked onto the Homeland Security Act last year that would

have exempted vaccine companies from any damages caused by thimerosal (the

mercury preservative in vaccines) will be removed. This will allow the

class action lawsuits against Eli Lilly and Co. to proceed. Courts can now

determine whether childhood autism is related to the mercury in vaccines,

as suspected by parents. Attorneys in the case have stated that internal

memos from vaccine manufacturers show they have known for years that the

mercury in vaccines can cause autism.

As reported by Reuters news service, an agreement was brokered by Maine

Republicans Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, and Rhode Island Republican

Lincoln Chafee, moderates angered by the insertion of the vaccine provision

in the homeland bill. The new Senate Majority leader Bill Frist, M.D, a

Tennessee Republican, endorsed it, as did key Democrats who had vowed to

make repeal of the lawsuit ban a top priority this year.









Looks like we have a nucleus for a new course forming. Again, donations are accepted, to help defray the costs of photocopying, heat, lights, etc, etc. See you Wednesday!

Dr. G.


We are looking forward to an improved course in Homeopathy for you and your family starting on Jan 22, 2003.

We are shifting the night to Wed as the study group is on Monday nights. both are 7-9 pm.

If you don't mind please email us or call to tell us you will be attending.  We are accepting donations as you can afford them.

PS: if you haven't already, the section on nutrition is quite good and very extensive.



12/16/02 -Mondays study group will covered Pharyngitis, and Tonsillitis while enjoying organic fruits from Mrs Greens brought in by Diane.

From now on, click on the new Study Group hypertext on the navigation bar on the main page for all study group news in the future.(click here for notes)



-Dr. Galante gave a talk to about 20 mental health counselors on Thursday, December 12, 2002.  The emphasis was on Homeopathy and Mental health. Most do not know that Hahnemann was a director of a Mental Institution in the early 1800"s.  He was the first to promote the humane treatment of the insane. Click (SEE HERE) for some of the information presented.



We discussed Pulsatilla on Monday night. (CLICK HERE) for keynotes and a few cases:


       Well, our first class is over, we ended up with 5 regulars after starting with 10.  We ended up with Dr. Galante's talk on common sense nutrition. Penny and I sprouted an assortment of seeds for the occasion. The feast consisted of an assortment of alfalfa, lentil, mung bean, and a mix of seeds for sprouting (from Shiloh Farms called mixed sprouts) and sunflower sprouts from Perfect Foods served with organic avocado and Penny's special dressing consisting of balsamic vinegar, flax oil, tamari, and ground black pepper. (don't ask for how much of each, she does it by feel!) In addition, I made Essene unleavened sprouted wheat bread made in the crock pot (see recipes) served with tahini, raw peanut butter and strawberry jam.  We toasted to our good health with a shot of freshly squeezed wheat grass juice made from grass grown by Perfect Foods delivered directly to our door!



     As promised, as an outgrowth of our class, we now have a study group to meet on Monday nights.  I am not sure if we will meet 2 or 4 times a month, but for now, it will be weekly.  I envision this going through June and then breaking for the summer. Bring your cases in and maybe an organic treat!  Dr. G. will present something each week for a short talk. A case, a remedy, a miasm, etc.

    We may form another class next year, possibly late January. Keep in touch with this Newsletter for information.




If you don't like it, then contact your senators and congressmen and the president, and tell them to fix it. If you don't want enforced vaccinations then you have to contact these people.

click here to see the bill : e105274





                                                                                             Tuberculinum confirmatory picture


These are restless children who are mean and irritable. They throw fits and wantonly destroy the possessions and plans of others. They are contrary and violent toward themselves and others. There is often an impish or aggressive glitter in their eyes. They may have mental difficulties and so be classified as retarded. They fear animals.

Confirmatory checklist

• Grind teeth during sleep • Irritable upon awakening • Strike their heads • Born with much hair on the scalp and down the spine • Misshapen skulls and other birth anomalies, especially on the midline • Long eyelashes • Recurrent upper respiratory tract infections • Many dental problems, especially too many and badly aligned teeth • Swollen and hard cervical glands • Chest and lung problems • Crave cold milk and soft, smoked meats • Avoid mixed foods • Big appetite without weight gain • Frequent diarrhea • Bed-wetting • Early masturbation • Recurrent fevers • Family history of tuberculosis or lung problems • Aggravation from exposure to animals


Study group will be forming on 11/25/02





dr galante is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week by phone.


dr galante is committed to helping you and your family attain wellness.


PEDIATRIC REMEDY OF THE WEEK: From Paul Herscu's The Homeopathic Treatment of Children


Confirmatory picture

These are mild, timid, pleasant, clingy children whose emotions rule them. They undergo vast mood changes and especially exhibit weepiness. They fear abandonment and are jealous of younger siblings. These states are ameliorated by consolation.

Confirmatory checklist

• Sleep on the back or abdomen • Many upper respiratory tract infections accompanied by a cough aggravated by lying down at night • Avoid fat and meat • Thirstless • Vaginitis in little girls • Symptoms may begin during puberty • Warm-blooded, warm feet • Childhood exanthems accompanied by respiratory tract infections • Infections produce thick, bland, yellow or green discharges • Changeable symptoms • Aggravation from warmth • Amelioration from cool air, weeping, and consolation



     A video tape on Vaccinations was shown with physician and author Dr. and although it was a bit long and filled with statistics, the entire group managed to remain awake during the entire two hours.  At this point is has become obvious that we cannot cover in detail all the subjects that were listed in the syllabus in the amount of time allotted.  We intend to cover all the subjects and integrate them with the study group. The miasms and constitutional types will be completed as well as the children's acutes, and mentals. There will be NO MEETING on MONDAY NOVEMBER 4.  The following week will be WOMEN'S PROBLEMS  (Nov 11) and then NUTRITION on (Nov 18th).   Please feel free to attend.  

Pediatric Remedy of the Week:  Sulphur  From Paul Herscu's "The Homeopathic Treatment of Children"

                 Sulphur confirmatory picture

These are extroverted, curious children. They tend to be leaders and are independent and perhaps haughty. Occasionally they become hyperactive and break all the rules of the house. Activities are done with exuberance and tireless fun. They can become lazy and procrastinate. The cerebral type is shyer and neater, though still haughty. They fear heights.

Confirmatory checklist

 • Sleep on the left side, uncover, and awaken often • Crave sweets, spicy foods, and fat • Avoid eggs and sour foods • Very thirsty for ice-cold drinks • Prone to loose stools and excoriating, offensive diarrhea, especially in the early morning • Many itchy, red skin eruptions accompanied by a burning sensation and aggravated by warmth, contact with wool, and bathing • Inflammations that turn the area red with an excoriating, offensive discharge • Very warm-blooded, especially the head and feet • Poor hygiene, messy • Lingering diseases or diseases that recur or never completely disappear • Aversion to and aggravation from bathing • Aggravation from warmth



    Interest still remains high as we finished our class on babies and infant treatments.  We have been discussing Silicea as a constitutional type toward  the end of the scheduled class.  We will be doing a few more constitutions and then the miasms and nosodes.  Discussion on vaccinations will be during the class on Monday the 28th. This is a particularly important topic for those whose children may be susceptible to problems.  For example, those with especially sensitive nervous systems, or weakened immune systems, or if siblings have had add, adhd, dyslexia, autism, learning disabilities, or developmental delays should consider the vaccine issue carefully. 

PEDIATRIC Remedy of the Week: Calcarea carbonica* From Paul Herscu's "The Homeopathic Treatment of Children"

  *Calcarea carbonica confirmatory picture

These are healthy children with strong personalities that lead to strong wills, obstinacy, and independence. They tend to be plodders and have delayed mental development. They fear insects, scary stories, and ghosts; they are fascinated with the supernatural.

Confirmatory checklist

• Night terrors, sweat during sleep • Perspiration on the head • Headaches • Frequent upper respiratory tract infections with copious mucus • Canker sores • Problems with dentition, which is often delayed • Many swollen glands • Crave eggs, carbohydrates, salt, and sweets • Avoid slimy or mixed foods • Babies spit up food just eaten • Failure to thrive in small babies • Tend toward constipation with large stools • Epilepsy • Calcium metabolism and thyroid problems causing bone disorders; hair, nails, and bones grow poorly • Slow physical and mental development • Tire easily • Obese • Profuse perspiration, offensive discharges • Many yeasty infections anywhere on the body • Chilly • Aggravation from exertion, dentition, cold and wet weather, change of weather, and drinking milk • Amelioration from rest and dry, warm weather

* From Paul Herscu, N.D. "The Homeopathic Treatment of Children" *



We have decided to start a trial period of a study group to meet at the office on a periodic basis.  We have enough people who are serious about learning and practicing.  This will be open to all who are interested. Dr. Galante feels this is a service that is necessary for the dissemination of correct information about this extraordinary medicine.  "The public has too much misinformation and too little real knowledge about what Homeopathy is and what it can do."  Too often people lump us together with "herbs and such" and have no concept of the depth of research, clinical trials, observations of our provings or the quality of the physicians who set down our foundation. With education we can enlighten our fellow man and lead them through knowledge out of the darkness of suffering and ignorance.  "My people suffer through lack of knowledge".

Looks like another class was a success.  We covered another group of constitutional remedies: Arsenicum Album, Lachesis, Natrum Muriaticum, and Nux vomica.  We will go over the remaining remedies and miasmatic nosodes at the ends of each successive class.  Those are Silicea, Ignatia, Psorinum, Medorrhinum, Tuberculinum, Syphilinum, Carcinosin.  The last 5 are the "miasmatic nosodes" , meaning that they are made from diseased tissue and potentized into a homeopathic remedy according to the Homeopathic Pharmacopaea of the United States.  These are used to treat inherited weaknesses.  These are quite powerful and for example, Carcinosin is thought to help prevent cancer in people who have a family history of the problem, acting like a vaccine. These are powerful tools to treat serious imbalances like no other medical science. 


See the new schedule for the course,  on the main page click on "Free course in Homeopathy".

I don't know what I am doing wrong, but the last 2 newsletters were not published.  I wrote them, but they never got on the web.

CLINICAL NOTES:  The mother of a childhood onset diabetic patient of ours emails me to say that her son's insulin requirement has gone down since giving Phosphorus.  This has been my experience with other children with this problem.

Remedy of the week: To start soon.



On this day of remembrance, we would like to remember those that were lost in the tragedy one short year ago.  

    Let us encourage peace and prosperity throughout the world, so that we may be seen as God's children. 

For me, I know that I cannot affect the course of world events.  So, I have taken steps to to what I feel I can.  I have completely shut out all the news media all it seems to do is put me in a negative frame of mind, I don't know who to trust. So,  I have taken an active role and put world peace in my prayers and since I cannot afford to become a medical missionary at this time, I will do what I can to be charitable at home and to my beloved patients. I remember that faith, hope, and charity are three virtues, but the greatest of all is charity.   

     HOMEOPATHIC COURSE BEGINS WITH A BIG TURNOUT!  Looks like the local papers really did the trick.  Thank you local news media for your Public Service announcements. An article in the Pennysaver brought in about half the group.  We assembled on Monday night for our first session.  We have about 10 people, with more on the way. There is room for about 18-20 depending on how cozy we want to be.  

    We covered an introduction to Homeopathy with a little about the founder, Samuel Hahnemann and his early life, his character and his brilliance.  Many feel when he finally is recognized for what he is he will be considered amongst the greatest minds of all time, Hippocrates, Einstein, Paracelsus and others.  The principles and Laws of Similars, Potentization, Herings "law", Minimum Dose, the Single remedy were all discussed as cornerstones of Classical Homeopathy.  We finished with a brief hour long overview of first aid and the common remedies for trauma, insect and reptile bites, burns and sports injuries.  The format this week was from Homeopathic Medicine at Home by Maesimund Panos , MD. 

Unusual Calls:

 I can't remember who, but someone called up to ask "why was I giving such a class, since I practiced Homeopathy and wasn't I taking business away from myself?".   This was quite revealing, on many different levels.  My first response on the phone was that I believed in generosity and that what is given comes back many times.  The reason is it is the right thing to do. 

      First, medicine is first and foremost, a calling. Whether it is now in our insane modern world or not in the majority doesn't change the fact that it is meant to be a calling. It is not a business first. 

      Secondly, a 16 hour course can help in simple common complaints with the family, but more severe problems need professional help.     

Another called and asked how free is free? So many times we are sold a bill of goods.  Let us have faith that we all are human and children of God through which his works can be carried out. And that charity will be the norm rather than the exception.  




newsletter  8/14/02








8/11/02  One of our patients just reported that after the past 4 months she now had healthy gums and her dentist says he cannot see any more pockets, or infections in her mouth. He had warned her in the past that she might have to go for periodontal work. Another of the many reports of natural healing which saved his patient possible gum surgery.  This same patient said that her chronic knee pain, a lingering effect from a fall, went away, first with Homeopathy, and then  after it came back again, the wheatgrass juice seemed to take care of it and now seems to be gone forever.


Recent report from one parent, that her child doesn't seem to be grinding his teeth after only a few (2) sessions of Neurofeedback (faq) . They hadn't really brought him in for this, but just thought I'd mention it.