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     By now you have had your consultation and we wanted to put this in writing so that some important points would not be forgotten. Our Beloved patients have had many questions over the years and we hope to answer many of them in these pages. 

   Most patients who come to us have no real idea about what homeopathy is about.  For those who don't know anything, you should really read the material on it below, the frequently asked questions will probably put your mind at ease. If you don't have the time to do this, let me say these few things: "Homeopathic remedies are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, they are manufactured according to the "Pharmacopaea of the United States of America". This volume which is recognized by congress as a legal document, outlines the exact specifications to which homeopathic remedies can be produced.  Homeopathic remedies are made from natural substances, some are plants, some are minerals, and others are animal.  They are all given in ultra molecular doses.  This means that they are extremely dilute.  This is important because some of the remedies are made from toxic substances like arsenic.  This is alarming to some people who are reluctant to give the remedies, for example to their children. 

   You must keep in mind that these remedies are extremely dilute and cannot poison, or even cause an allergic reaction.  They are simply too dilute.  These are the facts.  Otherwise how could the FDA allow these remedies to be sold, over the counter, to the public,  in stores all over the country?   Do not be afraid of the remedies, they cannot cause direct harm."  Quote: "My people suffer for lack of knowledge"

    Our philosophy is to bring the most natural medicine to the most people in a cost effective way. We have consciously made the decision to avoid what we feel are unnecessary tests and supplements. The doctor feels supplements are valuable, but we only carry a handful of essential vitamins and minerals of the highest quality. Dr. Galante has had long experience dating to 1969 with many different types of nutritional systems. Each of these had their strengths and each has their weaknesses. 


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    EXTREMELY IMPORTANT in today’s world. We are living in a technological world. Please follow the nutritional advice as much as you can. You will not regret it. By returning to natural, unadulterated foods, we allow our systems to operate at full efficiency, like a fine mechanical watch that has been cleaned and oiled. It is a testament to our reserve strength that we can live at all with some of the totally devitalized substances we have called food for a very long time. It may keep us alive, but at what price? What quality of life?
The basis of the best diet
(see nutrition) must be considered as any scientific evidence. No emotional, cultural or taste preferences can interfere. We must be detached and rational. The fact that most of us love pasta, breads, cereals, cheeses, bacon, sweets etc, etc, cannot sway us from the facts. 

    The best of these diets is the diet which mimics, as best we can, the hunter gatherers of early man. That is a diet rich in raw foods, green plants, with some animal products. A diet that is limited in grains and cooked foods. In order to make the diet as palatable as possible, some cooked vegetables and foods must be included.

    The use of grains (bread, pasta, baked goods, wheat, corn, barley, rye,) have only been eaten for the past 10,000 years. This is not enough time on the scale of evolution (billions of years) for our organs to adapt. If we sprout these grains, they are digested perfectly and could be eaten raw.  Dairy products for the most part have been around for even less time and are even less well tolerated.

    From anthropological studies these foods have been associated with the appearance of arthritis, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and others. However,
when sprouted, the enzyme inhibitors are neutralized, and these life promoting enzymes are released. (see sprouts)

    We have evolved teeth for every type of food. We have teeth for cutting, tearing, grinding. Nature would not have provided us with this variety of teeth if we weren’t eating a great variety of foods. The issue is not whether we should eat animal products or not, but what proportion of our diet should be animal. This depends on a number of factors, climate, availability, and many other factors.

    If we observe animals in the wild, by and large we do not see the types of diseases that our domesticated animals (dogs and cats) are now developing. If we compare our pets with the wild animals, the two major factors for this are the diet and the amount of physical activity.  Our domesticated animals, are eating processed, canned, and dried foods from our "friends" the food corporations, when they should be eating raw meats. (We are not advocating raw meat for humans) These processed foods are similar to the diets that civilized humans are ingesting, with much meat, grain, fat and plenty of chemicals.  Because of this, our pets are getting the same illnesses as we are because they are eating and living as we are.  Wild animals are not getting these illnesses at any where near the same rate..

    Over the years, I have seen that those who applied good nutritional principles and used the homeopathic remedies were the patients who got well much faster than those who didn’t. So, enough philosophy for now. What should I eat?  :   (see condensed nutritional guidelines)    

frequently asked questions about homeopathy  

*   What do I do right after I take the remedy?

*   What can I expect? 

*   How often do I take the Remedy? 

*   Do I have to take the Remedy forever?                                                                                                    

*   What is a constitutional remedy?                                                                                                              

*   What is a miasm?                                                                                                                                                     

*   How are remedies made?                                                                                                                              

*   What to the difference between low, medium and high potencies?                                                 

*   What is Suppression?                                                                                                                                      

*   What is Health?                                                                                                                                                

*   What can Homeopathy do for me?                                                                                                            

*   Stress Load                                                                                                                                                      

*  Toxic influences                                                                                                                                                       

*  A few  facts about homeopathy

What do I do right after I take the remedy?

    Try to follow as many of the dietary recommendations as you can. It is overwhelming to do everything at once. Going step by step is often the most gentle and long lasting when changing life habits. If you can only do this 10-20% that is a big start.  Imagine if God said, at the end of your life, "ok, you can have 20% more time! If you were 75, that is another 15 years! That is the right way to think about all this, as if it were insurance.

    At this time, eating lightly is a good idea. This is because the homeopathic remedies often start a cleansing process which can tire you out temporarily. This is similar to what might happen if you were out of physical condition, and started an exercise regimen. If you overdid it, you might very well exhaust yourself (especially after 40!) or even get sick from a lack of reserve. Similarly, the homeopathic remedies stimulate the system to change in a good way. At the very least, most people will feel some tiredness. It is important to not overload your system with more toxic foods, and non foods (such as coffee). Stay away from dairy and meats, and eat a lot of foods that induce cleansing such as vegetables and fruits.  A lot of liquids, vegetable juices (fresh, not canned or bottled), wheat grass juice is extremely helpful (fresh, not frozen).
Rest when and if necessary! 

What can I expect from the remedy?

    This cannot be answered for everyone individually.  In general, there are an infinite variety of symptoms which can be experienced. A reappearance of old symptoms, is common. An injury from long past that you hadn’t felt in years, may suddenly hurt again, temporarily. The symptoms often reappearing and disappearing in reverse chronological order that they were originally experienced. All these things mean that your body is undoing the blocks left from incompletely healed illnesses in the past. These aggravations can last for some time, but usually not very long. You should make every effort to not treat these symptoms.
    It is extremely important to remember that the most common antidote to our patients being healed are the patients themselves and their health care practitioners.  This includes dentists.  It is very common that tooth pains and other symptoms arise when remedies are taking effect.  It is important to call Dr. Galante and report these symptoms, More often than not, it is the healing process and should be left alone.  In any case, calling the Doctor is essential so he may question and determine whether or not this really needs treatment.  Even the dentists injecting local anesthetic can antidote the remedy.  even taking tylenol or aspirin can antidote the remedy.  it is important to tell your children as well, because they may self medicate out of habit and by the time you find out, it might be too late.  if a drug is taken, and has no effect, then an antidote usually has not occurred.

    the failure of "modern medicine" has led to a huge propaganda machine which is succeeding in promoting erroneous concepts about health, healing and illness.  we must try to unlearn and re-educate ourselves to the true principles of natural healing as laid down by Hippocrates, Paracelsus, Hahnemann, and others. our bodies and minds have a great capacity to SHED illness and recover from poor states of health.

    we must have faith in nature, and be patient as the miracle of curing with the law of similars takes place. the symptoms felt during the "healing crisis" may be exactly the same as previous illnesses from long past. the difference is that you took a remedy and are getting better and that previously you were breaking down and getting worse.  THIS CAN BE CALLED RE-TRACING, typically the duration of the healing crisis will be much shorter than the crises experienced in the past.    

    The most important thing to remember is that this process is one of healing, not getting worse. You must remember that these "healing crises"  will pass.  The biggest mistake you can make is to treat the healing crises in any way. If this becomes unbearable, we do not want you suffer, call the doctor and he will be happy to help you. At the very least, either make a mental note or better yet, jot them down and date them so that you can tell the doctor and not forget. Often these sensations can be very helpful in helping the doctor find your next remedy. The upside of all this is that after the tiredness/symptoms are cleared, in most cases, the good sensations and increased vitality follow. Of course this varies according to the severity of the case. If you are uncomfortable please call the doctor. YOU MUST BE PATIENT, especially after 40. it probably took a long time to get you to this point, and you should treat yourself and your systems with gentle caring patience. 

How often do I take the remedy?

    The doctor individualizes the frequency of dosing for each patient. This happens by you taking a test dose, as we call it, and then calling back in a day or so to report what happened. Of course if Dr Galante tells you differently, follow his orders strictly. DO NOT TAKE ANY OTHER MEDICATIONS THAT WERE NOT DISCUSSED AT THE TIME OF THE VISIT, for any symptoms. If you are unsure, then call Dr. Galante at 845 369 6900.  We are available by phone most of the time. Some cases require very few doses, and others need much more. The factors above and your inherited constitution, as well as upbringing, all influence the length of time the remedy will act.

Do I have to take the remedy forever? 

    No, most cases become cured or helped tremendously. This again depends on many factors, as usual. Age, genetics, toxic load, diet, stress load, previous treatments, etc. will mitigate the effectiveness and time needed to treat. The most important factor is the Patience of the Patient!  In chronic cases most of the time it has taken a long time to get to that state.  Presuming good genetics in a first appearance of a chronic illness, without poor lifestyle habits, and good diet, low stress, the prognosis is a good and fast cure. Of course some illnesses are notoriously stubborn or even incurable. These cases have severe pathological damage which the body cannot repair. For example an atrophied pancreas in severe diabetes. Which is not to say that what is left of the organs functioning cannot be maximized. This is why combining potent nutrition and Homeopathy is so important.

What is a constitutional remedy? 

    This is a common practice of finding a remedy which fits an "archetype". These remedy "portraits" as they are described, fit one of many homeopathic remedies in body and mind. These characteristics have been learned over two centuries of study about these remedies. These particular major remedies are called "polycrest remedies" because they cover many symptoms.  A few of these are Arsenicum Album, Nux Vomica, Phosphorus, Pulsatilla, and others.

    If a person doesn't have any particular illness, the constitutional remedy will act like a tonic to keep that person well longer. The constitution will never change. It is based on body type, personality, mind set and more. This remedy brings the best out in the person and helps to reduce the negative. For example, a fearful person can become much more courageous after the correct constitutional remedy is given. (e.g. Lycopodium)

What is a miasm?

    Our founder, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann developed homeopathy over his entire lifetime of 80 plus years. During this long journey, he found that constitutional type remedies would help in a deep way, but then could relapse. He considered the cause of this problem and developed remedies to treat what he called miasma. This miasma developed in the offspring of those with certain chronic diseases. In his books on Chronic Disease, he outlines various remedies used for these miasma. Such remedies are Tuberculinum, Carcinosin, Syphilinum, Medorrhinum, Psorinum, and others.

    This means that those with tuberculosis, cancer, syphilis, gonorrhea, and other diseases can pass down a type of predisposition to their children. This doesn’t mean, for example, that the tuberculosis, itself is passed down, but a kind of genetic weakness, often of the lungs, which manifests in the families with frequent pneumonias, bronchitis, and a certain thin body type and mentality. Homeopathic doctors have been taught that we can possibly prevent cancer or stave off its appearance by giving Carcinosin to patients with strong family history of cancer. Carcinosin is a “nosode” meaning it has been made from diseased tissue, in this case from breast cancer tissue. 

How are remedies made?

    Homeopathic remedies are made, in the vast majority, from natural substances. These are from the plant, mineral and animal kingdoms. Some of these are common found in and around our homes such as coffee, chamomile, comfrey, petroleum, poison oak, bees, Epsom salts, salt and many others. The difference between these, material items and the remedies is in a process known as POTENTIZATION. This is the process of dilution and agitation described in the Homeopathic Pharmacopaea of the United States, the official compendium of homeopathic pharmacies. This process is standardized and followed by all Homeopathic pharmacies. Those same pharmacies are approved by the FDA.

    The process starts with making a “mother tincture”, a concentrated extraction of the plant or whatever, in alcohol and sometimes a mixture of alcohol and glycerin. This is then diluted to 1:10 or 1:100 in alcohol and water depending on the scale of dilution used. This process is repeated over and over, until the desired number of the potency is reached. If the dilution of 1:10 is repeated 6 times, the remedy has the number 6X on the bottle. If it is 12 times then 12X is written after the remedies name. For example a Rhus Tox 6X, or Rhus Tox 12X. 

    If the dilution is 1:100, then the remedies are 6C or 12C with C noting the one hundred or the Roman scale. There are other systems but these are the most common.
These remedies are sold in either pellets or liquid. The effects are the same.

What to the difference between low, medium and high potencies?

    In general, homeopathic doctors talk about remedies in lower, medium and higher potencies. Lower, numbers like 3X,6X, 9X,12X, 30X or C are considered low potency. Medium potencies are in the 100-200X or C range.

    Higher potencies are 1M-100m dilutions, the M meaning a thousand dilutions, so a 10 M is 10,000 dilutions of 1:100. This concept of diluted remedies has sparked the most controversy about homeopathy.

    To give an example of how potencies differ, we will use the remedy Arnica Montana, the most common remedy, as an example.

    Let us use 2 examples, in both examples you have a kit with a variety of potencies of Arnica, 6c, 30c, 200c and 1m. The first example is an active 2 year old who falls down the steps. He is alright but has an area that will likely form a bruise on his knee. There are no open wounds. He is crying. In this case a dose of 6C or 30c arnica might be adequate. If in a short time, say a few minutes, there is no relief, then you could try a 200c ,which probably would do the job. This depends on the child's constitution of course. The more robust, the quicker the action.

    Second example: A middle aged adult has a car accident, she is sitting by the side of the road, but shaken up, she is not sure if she is injured, at all. She is in a kind of mental shock. For an instant she thought she might lose her life. She is slightly trembling. She is pale, but really just shaken up. What is the potency? Answer: The 1M Arnica, or even 10M. This will match the violence of the trauma. The more intense the trauma, the higher the potency. This can be repeated frequently as needed.

What is Suppression?

    Basically this the opposite of complete healing. It can occur on either the physical, emotional, or mental levels. True healing occurs in a certain direction according to "Hering's Principle". In general, this is from the head to the toes, the center to the peripheral, and from a more vital to a less vital organ system. Symptoms are also often reappearing during treatment in the reverse order of appearance. 

    The use of chemical drugs is considered Suppressive. This means that true healing will not occur. True healing only occurs from the inside out. These drugs set up energy blocks in the system. Decrease vital force, and end up causing deeper problems later. It is like anything, a quick fix will cost you.

 What is Health?

    Great question. Health is an increase of freedom on all levels. Freedom from physical symptoms and freedom from mental and emotional restrictions. You may think you are healthy but if you cannot feel at ease in many types of situations, you are probably not. If you are forgetful you are not completely healthy. If you do not have a feeling of well being, you are not healthy. 

What can Homeopathy do for me?

    The capacity of Homeopathic treatment is great. Because they act on the innermost vital forces in a person, they can effect the highest levels of a person. Even to the spiritual, from the Mental to the Emotional to the Physical, the totality of a persons experience can be enhanced to such a degree that most people cannot believe that life can be so wonderful.

    There is a story about Dr. James Tyler Kent, MD at the turn of the century. Dr. Kent is credited with editing the best Repertory we have had until the past 20 years. All of today's best repertories are based on Kent's work. He had a deep way of perceiving the picture of certain remedies or their "portraits" which were written in his famous "Kent's Lectures on Materia Medica". The story goes that the good doctor and a friend were walking down the street when the friend pointed out an indigent person in an alley. He said look there doctor, that man was once a great artist." Kent replied "bring him to me". After a prolonged treatment the man began to paint again. Soon, he regained his life to the point where he had an art show opening which Kent attended. It is said that someone asked the doctor " Well Dr Kent what do you think of these wonderful creations?" To which Kent pointed to the artist and replied "Yes, but look at my creation!"

Stress Load

    In America, the dollar reigns supreme. Unfortunately unlike other countries, our employers do not seem to recognize illnesses as an excuse for missing work. With antibiotics and Tylenol suppressing the natural courses of illnesses, we are expected to return to work within an unreasonable length of time. If we are grieving, we are expected to take a pill to suppress the grief and return to our desks without really “processing” that grief. Vacations are few and far between. People carry cell phones and are conducting business while driving, eating, they bring the work home, etc, etc. 

    "People are not letting themselves recharge.  They are running on empty. A great healer and rejuvenator, Spiritual practice, prayer, worship, meditation, etc, is virtually disappearing from our lives." (see meditation)

Toxic Influences: 

    This is a very large topic. We will try to list as many as we can:
-Alcohol, tobacco, “recreational drugs”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          -Antiperspirants: do not use these, deodorants ok
-Dental materials, fluoride, and braces (have them covered with non metallic)
see dentistry.
-Dander, mites and other allergens from pets of all kinds. Wet basements.
-Electromagnetic influences from computers, electric blankets, (use to warm up the bed only-then unplug) microwave ovens, air travel, living near airports, power lines, radar guns, working around radiation, toxic chemicals, dusts, etc. In unnatural environments, those living in the cities are the most affected. Sick building syndrome.                                                
-Prescription medications: this list is endless and getting more toxic as we go - Vaccines
-Anti fungal
-Anti acne drugs
-Air Pollution
-Water Pollution
-Emotional Abuse
-Lack of Spiritual Nourishment

Here are a few facts about Homeopathy

-Homeopathy is over 200 years old.
-Homeopathy is worldwide
-Homeopathy has been a major medical force in the world.
-In the 1700’s Dr. Samuel Hahnemann was the first ever to vaccinate.
-It was Hippocrates concept of “Similia Similbus Curanteur” that Dr. Hahnemann based his medical science on.
-In other words, “let likes be cured by likes”.
-Or: If a substance given in a large dose to a healthy person causes symptoms, those same symptoms in a healthy person can be treated with tiny doses of the same substance.
-For example: If an emergency room physician wishes you to vomit something up, he/she will give a pharmacologic (relatively large) dose of Ipecac to induce vomiting. Conversely a homeopathic Dr. might prescribe a micro dosage of Ipecac to treat severe vomiting.
-Healing occurs from the head to the toes, from the center outward and from a more vital to a less vital area.                                                                                            -Homeopathy is based on human, not animal experimentation called “Provings”.
-The concepts behind vaccinations and allergy treatments were all based on homeopathic philosophy.
-There were 22 homeopathic medical schools in America at the turn of the century.
-Homeopathy is effective, and non-toxic even to pregnant women and infants.
-The sales of homeopathic remedies have doubled every year in the recent past.
-Homeopathy is very cost effective.
-Homeopaths use very dilute solutions of natural substances to treat illness.
-Contrary to popular belief, homeopathy is not Herbology, and nutrition. Herbs, mineral salts and thousands of natural substances are diluted into homeopathic remedies. 
-Botanicals and Herbs are prescribed in relatively large doses. They are a kind of natural pharmacology. However, these plants are given for their chemical properties which act directly on the physiology of the body, that is the chemistry and cells of the body. These by definition push the system in one direction, chemically speaking. This is a kind of suppression.

    Homeopathic remedies, however, because of their unique preparation and dilution, act on a different level than botanicals. They act on the energy of the system. (Vaguely similar to acupuncture, where needles stimulate the bodies Chi or vital force to move from one meridian to another) This energy, or “Vital Force” as Hahnemann called it, is intimately interconnected between body mind and soul. It is this vital force which weakens first, then allows illness to take hold. The remedies have a secondary action and stimulates the vital force to correct itself.

   Remedies are chosen based upon two centuries of observations of Homeopathic doctors on a number of continents. The state of mind, the body type, habits, mannerisms, personality, metabolism, physical, emotional and other symptoms are all taken into account in the homeopathic prescription.

   You have had your visit with the doctor. He did his best to find the appropriate remedy to help your case. The accuracy with which you answered the doctor’s questions and questionnaire, as well as how you responded during the interview directly impacts the choice of the prescription. If you forgot something or answered incorrectly you can contact the doctor and let him know. You can email at or call us directly at 845 369 6900.

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