Homeopathy is one of the best things to happen to my family and me.  I really canít say enough about how great homeopathy is.  I have experienced healing instantly with certain remedies.  Even a chronic problem was healed within minutes with Bryonia.  I was suffering from mastitis and Dr. Galante prescribed Bryonia which cleared up the infection within minutes and I no longer had the pain that I had experienced the previous two months when I breastfed my baby.  I was about to quit nursing because I was in such pain but thanks to Dr. Galante and homeopathy my baby and I were able to enjoy nursing for many months after.  My daughter was suffering from a bad sunburn.  Dr. Galante prescribed Cantharis and immediately and I mean immediately the pain she suffered was gone completely and was able to sleep.    
      Sepia has been a lifesaver for me and then Staphisagria.  Sepia helped me regulate my mood and hormones during and after pregnancy.  It lifted my depression and feeling overwhelmed by life to being even-tempered and happy.  Sepia also helped rid me of headaches when I got them (but biofeedback has cured me of them.)  Staphisagria has helped me with anger and I am so much happier and contented than I have ever been.
I am looking better and have more confidence within myself since being treated with homeopathy.  Homeopathy has improved me mentally and physically and spiritually.  My children have also benefited from their own healing of chronic and acute illness.  They donít get ear infections anymore and when they were treated by Dr. Galante they were healed without using antibiotics.  Homeopathy has been useful for treating teething pain and bad behavior resulting from the discomfort of teething. We use Arnica for bumps and bruises, head and mouth injuries.  It eases pain quickly and reduces swelling and bruising.  All three of my children have benefited from constitutional prescribing.  They are healthier and happier.  Homeopathy has brought out the best in them and lessened negative behavior and moods.  My whole family life is much more harmonious because we have been treated by Dr. Galante with Homeopathy.  Dr. Galante has not only knowledge because of practicing homeopathy for many years but also the wisdom so necessary to be an effective physician.  He is very dedicated to his patients and his heart and soul are truly in his work.  Dr. Galante also suggested biofeedback to treat my headaches.  I had suffered from migraine headaches since childhood.  Now since doing biofeedback I no longer suffer the pain of migraines anymore.
      I really hope more people will discover homeopathy this safe, natural and most importantly effective form of medicine to experience true and lasting healing.