Looking back a few years ago I was in pretty bad shape with extreme headaches, neck pain, body aches, allergies, and fatigue.  I spent most of the day lying down, as I was so weak.  I was in constant pain.  I was unable to work.  I suffered in body, mind and spirit.  My husband, Dana, took care of me.  I had seen many doctors, among them a neurologist, an orthopedic specialist, a physical therapist, and I was even referred to a psychologist at one point as I was in a desperate state.  Not one of those doctors could help me.  The drugs they tried on me did not help; I just got worse.

The first time I visited Dr. Galante I spent over two hours answering his detailed questions.  Dr. Galante is not one to rush.  During his visits, he gives his full attention.  He is caring.  Some people donít have the patience necessary for homeopathy, and it does require patience in the cases of chronic illness such as mine.  After my first remedy, Arnica, I noticed a change for the better; I had a little energy.  It took time getting well, but get well I did.  After five months of homeopathy, I was able to hold a part time job working twenty-four hours a week.  I still had headaches and other problems, but they were fewer and less severe.  I was healing through homeopathy.

Today I consider myself in pretty good health.  I enjoy playing volleyball a couple of times a week.  I work full time.  I see Dr. Galante much less frequently now, but I know I can still lean on him in times of need.  He recently helped me through a time of deep sorrow, the loss of my brother, John.  The remedy Ignatia helped to calm me.

I thank you, Dr. Galante.  I am so grateful for your patience, your kindness and your healing.  I also thank Penny Galante for her caring support.