HOW TO SPROUT                                                    (back to live foods)

     Sprouts are increasingly available in supermarkets and grocery stores around the country.  They are so easy to grow at home or when traveling that there is little reason for anyone to do without the addition of this important living food source.                                                                                                                  

Sprouting is very simple and takes little time.  Soil or complicated equipment is not needed.  Wide-mouth glass jars, rubber bands, and either nylon net, cheesecloth, or pieces of nylon stockings and organic seeds are all that is necessary.  The steps are as follows:                                                     

Step 1     Use whole organic seeds, grains, or nuts (pick out broken ones, they may cause fermentation).

Step 2     Place seeds in jar, put small piece of net or cloth over opening and secure with rubber band or open lid on mason jar.

Step 3      Rinse and drain through cloth or net or strainer.

Step 4      Cover with 2-3 times more pure water than seeds and soak overnight unless otherwise specified in your sprouting chart.

Step 5      Drain soak water (can water plants with it). Rinse by running water into net covered jar until it overflows and drain again.

Step 6      Place upside down at 45 degree angle (a dish drainer works well) in 68-84 degree area.

Step 7      Rinse 2-3 times daily.

Step 8      Refrigerate when sprouts reach desired length.


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