Homeopathy is not:

     -Herbology, or Herbal Medicine: although many remedies are herbal.

     -Vitamins   -  Although most Homeopaths would not discourage rational use of vitamins.

     -Diet and nutrition - Although this is an extremely important part of health



     -Holistic or Wholistic Medicine - As it is generally thought of today.

    - Placebo

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what Classical Homeopathy is:

-It is unique. Homeopathy is based upon the principal "Similibus Similia Curanteur" or the Law of Similars. (more) first known to be said by Hippocrates.

-World wide: All of Europe, all of India, Central  and South America, Russia, and the United States

-Non-Toxic         The vast majority of the remedies are made from natural substances. Can be used by infants, as well as pregnant women without fear.  

-Effective          Efficacy based upon human experimentation not animal.

-Are non-allergenic

-Can be used by the average person for common complaints with very little training.

- Inexpensive  


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