Although I feel confident that what I will say here is true.  This is my opinion, and I am not licensed as a dentist. So, this is what I would do personally. There is much to be said about dental materials and health.

We recommend that if at all possible, financially and otherwise, to remove as much of the metals in your mouth as you can and replace this work with non-metallic material.

Dentists we work with have assured us that it is possible to do dentistry TOTALLY WITHOUT METALS.

There is no need to carry any of these toxic metals in your mouth.

Why? There are two reasons. First is the obvious toxic effects of mercury and other base metals on the system.  Secondly, the electrical effects. We can measure the electrical activity in the system and the distortions created by metal dental materials. Our bodies are electrical as well as chemical.  It is this energy which allows the functioning of all the organs and processes of our life sustaining systems. This is especially true when a battery effect is created by having two dissimilar metals in close proximity, (like battery plates).  The electrolytes in the saliva acts like the acid and currents are created. Not enough to cause any sensation, but enough to possibly disturb the subtle electrical forces in the body over time.  The more acid your system, the stronger the current. In a weaker person, this may be enough to throw the acupuncture energy meridians off and cause chronic complaints.  Some common problems are headache, sinus problems, chronic throat problems, etc.  Children with metal braces are also to be considered, there are non metallic braces available.