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    To change your tastes takes time. A concerted and consistent effort will be rewarded with increased energy, sense of well being with clarity of mind and emotions. You might feel like a kid again! At first you will be tempted to eat many of the things you have been used to for years. As you are detoxifying your system by not putting poisons into it, you will at these times crave the very things that are causing it!  Especially foods like cheeses, breads, pastas, sugars, chips, fried foods, fun foods, and stimulants, like coffee, will haunt you like a ghost. If you give in to them, do so consciously. Know that this is for the time being. It is for enjoyment, a pleasure you allow yourself. If you use this as a reward for your hard work and discipline, why not? However, you should be on a path toward decreasing these quantities on a consistent basis. If you experiment, try to do so with quality things. For example, eat a pastry from your favorite bakery rather than a pop tart or Hostess Twinkie!  Chances are the quality is better too. Do this on the weekends. You will also be more likely to go out during the weekends. Save up the times that you will reward yourself with foods, so that they are special. The proportions of how much to eat of each group are here.  
     When you are out, donít be shy to ask for items steamed, or with minimal oil. Many restaurants are used to this.  
For true addictions like coffee, it is wise to gradually taper off. Headaches and real malaise can occur with abrupt withdrawal from a multiple cup habit. If you do have a real headache, for example, you can experiment by taking a tablespoon of coffee to reduce it. Youíll be amazed how well this can work! Same with sugar and other food addictions. Sometimes even a bite of the bread or cake or whatever will stop the gnawing sensation and keep you from climbing the walls. As time passes and you get stronger and healthier, your chemistry will change, the cravings for certain foods will reduce and you will not want to go back. This is a process, donít rush it, try to associate good and positive thoughts and feelings with this decision you have made to commit to good health.  Listen to your thinking about this, try to not demand unreasonably, or in a very harsh way. It is a good idea to talk to yourself. (not in front of people!) when you get up in the morning, to counsel yourself on the importance of what you are doing. Love yourself. Donít beat yourself up. Tell yourself how wonderful it is you are doing this. That you are saving your own life, because you really are!


VEGETABLES AND FRUITS: In general, especially organic, not genetically altered or irradiated or sprayed with pesticides, etc.(60-70% of produce is genetically engineered) 
GREENS: Raw [fresh], salads with sprouts (or all sprouts) or if cooked, steamed is best.
SPROUTED FOODS: alfalfa, lentils, fenugreek, mung beans are the best, but, garbanzo, soy, any sprouts are good. Also grain sprouts, wheat, rye, kamut, and others.
(see sprouts)
RAW VEGETABLE JUICES: especially greens and other vegetables. Champion Juicer, Also Omega Juicers are great. Best value Wheatgrass juicer is the Miracle MJ 550
(see Juicers) 
Drink 6-12 oz a day of fresh juiced vegetables and some fruits.
COLD PRESSED OILS: [never been heated] Flax seed oil is excellent, Organic Virgin Olive Oil is good.
PROTEINS: LEGUMES & BEANS soaked and sprouted. Fish, especially cold water, rich in omega-3 oils, not farm raised, (wild salmon is great) not shellfish, not fried. Raw, almonds, sunflower, sesame. nuts, seeds, Soak them at least overnight.
(see live foods) Tofu
OPTIONAL: FRESH WHEAT GRASS JUICE: Start with Ĺ to 1 oz per day, work up to 2-3 oz/ twice a day or more as tolerated. Do this for at least 5 days a week.
Salt: if you have to, tamari soy sauce, or sea salt. 

MEATS: Occasional use ok, game meats best, ďorganicĒ Especially from 4 legged animals.
DAIRY (from cows): all milk, cheese, and yogurt and foods containing these
WHEAT: bread, baked goods, pastas or spaghetti [containing wheat] especially refined flour [white flour products] if you must have bread, use Shiloh Farms SPROUTED MULTIGRAIN BREADS, or some other quality brand.
GRAINS: Any grains, rice, barley, wheat, corn, oat, etc. We eat entirely too much of these. Soak and Sprout. 
                                                                                   REFINED SUGAR: processed cane and beet [found in most commercially baked goods] chocolate, candies, cookies, cakes, etc.
SALT: You will gradually change your palate as you reduce your salt intake, salt is corrosive to the system & adds to hypertension, it acts like a stimulant.
CORN: in processed form, like sweetener, starch, thickener, etc. corn on the cob is ok.
PROCESSED FOODS: chemicals, hydrogenated oils (like margarine, peanut butter etc.) foods, preservatives, colorings, fast foods
NON-FOODS: coffee, decaffeinated coffee or teas, alcohol
CANNED, FROZEN [commercially), These foods are filled with chemicals, colorings, preservatives, just think of frozen emerald green peas. They're colored.  
FRIED FOODS: If you have to fry, use only raw cold pressed unheated oils.
COOKWARE: use stainless steel, enamel, cast iron, glass
MICROWAVE: if you have to, try to use this only for reheating, rather than actual cooking. microwaves will denature proteins.
(see toiletries)


Aubrey organics. Can find in good health food stores, high quality toiletries. Chamomile shampoo is great also the sun screen. 
Omega nutrition: high quality flax seed oil, organic unheated olive oil, and rainforest handmade bath soap, plain. 
Apple cider vinegar. If you must have vinegar
Sprouts: We have recently made available to our beloved patients trays of wheat grass, sunflower, buckwheat spouts grown organically. We also carry lower cost wheat grass juicers in our office.

Buy raw, organic seeds for sprouting, best are: Mung, pink lentil, broccoli, alfalfa, clover, garbanzo, sunflower, sesame.

-Materials for sprouting: Mason jars (Wal Mart), window screen material, nylon mesh, not aluminum, spring water, strainer. 
- FRESH JUICED tomatoes, celery, cucumber, carrot, anything vegetable.
(see juicers)
-If you must have bread get sprouted whole grain organic breads. A commercial quality brand is Shiloh Farms. 
-Everts fresh: bags, which preserve veggies longer. Comes in 3 sizes

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