A Discussion (Extract of Dr. Galante’s comments from a Video Tape by Gary Null circa mid-80’s: www.garynull.com/Documents/Chronic_Fatigue_Syndrome.htm)

MICHELE GALANTE, MD: People will go for diagnoses. They'll go for tremendous studies and tests. And what happens is they'll come back. They'll come into my office saying, I went to the greatest clinics in the entire world and paid a tremendous amount of money. And they come in with a big package of papers saying that I've got this, this, this and this but they say that they can't help me. It's really the dilemma of modern medicine. 


MICHELE GALANTE, MD: It has been my experience that most of the patients that I have seen have been very allergic. They are allergic to not only pollens and airborne agents, such as trees and grasses and so on, but mostly for foods. Also, tremendous chemical sensitivities. People are so sensitive to chemicals, some of them, that they cannot be exposed to perfume or to nail polish or paint thinner or even a freshly painted room or, gas fumes, carbon monoxide fumes. Some people are so weak that an exposure to these items for a short time can throw them into a headache or a very weakened conditioned or even emotional states. Chronic fatigue is very much connected with allergy and chemical sensitivities.


MICHELE GALANTE, MD : Chemicals are pervasive in our environment. Aside from the preservatives in our foods and colorings and so on, it's everywhere. In the water we have chlorine. In the air we have all types of pollutants. These are items that were not in our systems, say fifty, sixty years ago. It's been a recent phenomenon from technical advances. And chemical influences from dental work. Amalgam fillings are tremendously influential in weakening the system.

Any one of these items taken alone wouldn't necessarily have as much of an influence as when you take them in on a daily basis for years and years. Add them up and you find that the body is becoming overloaded. The liver is becoming overloaded. The immune system is becoming overloaded. And they take their toll. Electromagnetic influences aren't talked about very much. I know that many people believe, as I do, that cathode ray tubes, CRTs, computers, on a daily basis, watching these things all day long in the office and so on, have the potential of influencing the electromagnetic fields of the body. These are influences which aren't talked about that much. More and more they are being talked about: Cellular phones, not to mention radio waves which are transmitted, TV waves, things which didn't exist in the environment.

 MICHELE GALANTE, MD: The diets which we have today, with the processing of our foods, are contributing tremendously to the problems. Let me elaborate. For example, processed foods, such as white sugar, white flour, hydrogenated products, chemical products, chemicalized foods, manufactured foods, lack vitality. Most people are eating these things in far too great a quantity for convenience or whatever reason because of our society and its fast pace.

Many of the cases that I've had, the less extremely severe cases, respond often very favorably, very quickly, to the removal of certain foods from their diets such as sugar, processed cane and beet sugar. Even fructose sold in the health food stores in the processed form is not too good. Or even boiled honey is going to cause hypoglycemic type reactions and cause this moodiness, swings of energy, swings of emotionality.

MICHELE GALANTE, MD: The influence of allopathic drugs or conventional drugs and antibiotics and so on, steroid usage, is a major factor, in my opinion. The use of these drugs in childhood, for example, the abuse of these drugs in childhood can set up a chronic weakened condition which will extend into adulthood and contribute to the overall predisposition to chronic fatigue. These drugs are suppressive in nature. They are really not, in a sense, curative. They impose upon a system an illness in itself. I think that probably of all these factors, this may be one of the largest factors.


MICHELE GALANTE, MD: The role of antibiotics is certainly there in cases where all else is failing, where the system has been debilitated from too much drug usage before. But if you can get yourself to the state where the energy of your system is strong enough, then it will take care of itself. You can be brought to a state of health through the proper treatments.


MICHELE GALANTE, MD: What we like to do is introduce a lot of live foods, foods which are as, the word applies, living. Things which come right from nature which can be eaten without cooking, such as, of course, fruits, vegetables, sprouts. Sprouts have tremendous energy, a lot of enzymes and much nutrition. These foods take little energy to digest and give much more energy back.

MICHELE GALANTE, MD: The patient's got to take an active role in the therapy. The patient can't expect to just have the doctor do to them something and have them become all well. It's an active process, especially when we're talking about the nutritional aspect. The patients that I see, all of them, are taken off of corn, wheat, yeast, sugar and dairy products, processed foods of all kinds, coffee, alcohol and drugs as much as possible, chemicalized foods and synthetic foods and Equal and Sweet and Low and all these artificial sweeteners right off the bat.

That will help a patient who isn't, let's say, the most severe of the patients. That will help all of them. But there are those few who will not respond right away. But that should help most of the patients most of the time. And that's a great beginning


MICHELE GALANTE, MD: I'd like to talk a little bit about homeopathy which is my specialty. Homeopathy has been very effective against chronic fatigue syndrome. The treatment of homeopathy is quite different than probably anything most people are experiencing. Homeopathic remedies are used in micro dosage. We have many hundreds and thousands of homeopathic remedies all made from natural substances. They are effective in curing and treating many conditions including the ones that we have been talking about today.

To talk about one particular remedy is not appropriate because each person has their own constitution and the classical homeopath works to find that constitutional remedy or the remedy that is appropriate to the detailed picture of symptoms that the patient presents at that particular time.

You can't speak of one or two remedies as being the cure for chronic fatigue syndrome because the homeopath looks at the entire person, mentally, physically and emotionally, in order to evaluate and determine a homeopathic remedy. The remedies are chosen based upon the symptoms that they would cause in a healthy person in a large dose. If that matches with the clinical presentation of the sick person, then that same substance is given in small doses. Or, likes cure likes, or  the law of similars.

Homeopathy has had a much more pervasive effect upon our society than most people realize because, for example, vaccinations and immunizations originally came from homeopathic thinking.  I do not recommend allergy treatment, for example, through the usage of what I call bad homeopathy which is the use of shots and drops of substances in what we feel, as homeopaths, are too large a dose. Again this is similar to vaccinations in that you're using the principle of homeopathy badly by giving a large dose of the same counteract the same. Homeopathy is based on the law of similars. So you would want to give something that was of a similar nature but not necessarily the exact same nature.


MICHELE GALANTE, MD: A homeopath will tell you that a person is not well if they are feeling ill at ease in the mind or ill at ease in the heart, I should say emotionally speaking. So, just having a physically healthy body is not enough for people. People want more.

Of course, it's not to say that doctors and physicians are the cure to making people happy but we find tremendous, tremendous help from homeopathic therapy which affects the mental, emotional state in a very positive way. It helps to re-attune what is called the “vital force” in homeopathy which causes the person to get well. There's an old saying. Hahnemann said in the 1700s that disease was caused by this disattunement.

What the remedies do in their tiny doses are, in a sense, stimulating or catalyze or realign or stimulate the realignment of the system to heal itself. This is the capacity which we all have. We've got to realize that the body is living. It's a tremendously powerful organism and it can heal itself. It has healed itself long before antibiotics and it will continue to heal itself long after antibiotics fall out of favor.

GARY NULL, PHD: There you have it. Seems rather complicated, doesn't it? But it's not. It's based upon the knowledge that we don't become sick overnight. The symptoms may manifest but the condition took years and years. And it wasn't from one virus. It wasn't just the Epstein Barr virus or cytomegalovirus or the herpes or mycoplasma or parasites or low blood sugar or electromagnetic pulses or mercury fillings or environmental pollutants or water pollution or emotional stress. It's a combination of all these things.

In order to detoxify our system, it takes time. It might take you a year to really cleanse, getting on a rotational diet, getting rid of the foods that you commonly eat that are addictive in your system and polluting to your system. Getting rid of processed foods. Bringing in healthy foods. Exercising as much as you can for your body's needs. Meditating. Stress management. Acupuncture. Guided visualization. Qi Gong. And of course eating a diet that honors the body.

Just ask yourself this. If you are what you eat, why not eat that which you really appreciate becoming? You don't want to be a twinkie. You don't want to be a hot dog. You don't want to be a pizza. So get rid of the junk and bring in the good stuff. But also bring in good thoughts. As we've seen, the mind is a very powerful healer as it is a slayer.

Each day if you process wellness, if you focus on wellness, and if you surround yourself with people willing to support you in your quest, there will be a time when you'll be beyond your chronic fatigue. Every day you'll look forward to doing something else that encourages and honors the body, mind and spirit. I'm Gary Null. Thank you very much for watching.