I am afraid that those of you who need professional attention are ending up in the hands of "homeopaths" with no medical training.  Although there are many competent prescribers in the lay community, those of you with real medical problems should be in the hands of medical professionals. Or at least in a collaboration with a medical doctor. Unfortunately there are medical personnel who are not very well trained homeopaths either. 


1. Homeopathy is a medical science which has traditionally been practiced by some of the most distinguished and highly educated doctors in history.

2. Because of political reasons Homeopathic practitioners in the early part of last century were reduced in numbers and many lay practitioners were practicing undercover.

3. Looking for a good homeopath is like looking for a good portrait artist.  If you choose the wrong one you will have to live with the poor result for the rest of your life or you will have to look for a better one later.  No one wants to stare at a poorly conceived picture of themselves just like we don't want to have our condition worsen or be suppressed to a higher level.

4.  Homeopathy is not harmless.  Suppression can occur with the wrong remedy, in a similar way that chemical drugs can create imbalances.  These suppressions can turn a physical problem into an emotional or mental one. (see homeopathy) People feel that because remedies are sold at K-Mart that they can do no harm.

5. If you find a homeopath ask him/her the following questions:

-Where did you study?   Answer: hopefully in a school with a known teacher with classes, and clinical training not correspondence

-stay away from completely self taught people.

-How long have you practiced?  answer: hopefully more than 10 years

-What type of homeopathy do you practice? correct answer: Classical Homeopathy

-How many remedies are there in a bottle? right answer: only one remedy in each bottle and only one remedy prescribed at any given time.

-How do you find the remedies?  Answer: taking the case (interview)  stay away from Voll, Vega, Interro, and other electro acupuncture machines that "diagnose" No matter how interesting they may be, I did this for my first 7 years of practice, with 13,000 patient visits and some of the most serious cases. It is another form of suppression even though at first there may be dramatic results. They are not practicing Homeopathy even though they may give remedies (multiple remedies).

-How long is the interview usually?  answer: as long as it takes, sometimes 3-4 hours, sometimes only 1 1/2 - 2 hours, depending on the case. (I feel it is very difficult to take a case in one hour.)

6.    Beware of those calling themselves homeopaths who are not prescribing according to Samuel Hahnemann's principles and the Organon.  Multiple remedies, or "complex" homeopathy, EAV, Electro-Acupuncture, medicine, Herbs, Bach Flower Remedies, are not Classical Homeopathy.  Most of the worlds homeopaths are practicing Classical Homeopathy, with one remedy at a time. Choosing the remedy after a detailed interview with the doctor follows in the founders footsteps. 

     "Finding" remedies or potencies with Kinesiology or energetic means is far inferior to the classical method.  Although the claims are that it is more spiritual and bypassing all the intellectual processes, some of this may be true, but having a solid knowledge of all levels of the remedies action (materia medica knowledge) will help to back up your spiritual intuition/energy synergy or whatever you wish to call it.  Very few of these energy practitioners have a solid base of knowledge of the remedies.  In general, they don't have a detailed knowledge of the remedies they are giving.  Just ask them a detailed question, they cannot answer it.  It is the blind leading the blind. Don't do it. A spiritual classical homeopath can use his knowledge of remedies through years of study AND be a human "divining rod" for choosing the correct remedy. There is no magic in the machines.  The magic of healing works through the practitioner if the mind and spirit are in the right place.